Jake Gyllenhaal.

Should we even bother saying anything else about this? Nope. The majority of you were already clicking through as soon as you saw “Jake Gyllenhaal“. Seriously, this man could make a video of himself belching and farting, and people would still watch it ’cause he’s Jake Gyllenhaal.

– Dewitt

Click through to see Jake Gyllenhaal doing stuff:

11 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal.

  1. If Jake G was the last person I was looking at as I died I think I would still die happy.

    He’s probably my first celeb crush ever.

  2. Oh, I see.  Your readers are all so shallow and horny and soulless where hot guys are concerned that you think it’s cute, funny, or high-minded to post a video depicting casual brutal murder without warning us in advance.  Thanks for ruining my day, you pedantic asshole.

  3. LOL after watching that movie clip I would only do it with him if there are no possible weapons around LOL!
    Na he is hot as long as that beard is shaved or he only has stubble! “WINK”

  4. love him period, liked hiome b4 brokeback, and i think i cried buckets when his character was killed……..he is awesome.sn:apothos

  5. i dont care if he kills me… as long as i get to fuck him for at least a week before he wastes me.

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