Who The Hell Won?: Week Of 3/5/12

That’s Sven Kramer. He’s a gold medal speed skater from the Netherlands. Remind me to look up some pics of him in his speed-skating spandex for “The Locker Room” this week.

In addition to our usual poll winners, we’re also featuring the final round of winners in our “Read, Comment & Win!” contest! That was fun! Seriously, you readers have never been nicer to Dewitt and I. I think I saw a couple of marriage proposals, and at least one guy offered me his first-born. He meant his chihuahua, but still.

– J. Harvey

See who won what after the break!

Thanks to MaverickMen, Fraternity X, and OnTheHunt for providing the prizes in our latest content! If you didn’t win, don’t start tying a noose just yet. We’re going to have PLENTY of contests for you this coming spring and summer! Keep reading Manhunt Daily for the deets!

Would You Hit That?: Chet Haze (aka Tom Hanks’ Son)

Yeah, I’d get with Chester. That’s his real first name. 75.1% of you would, too. Some of you find Tom’s other kid sexier, though.

Fuck Vs. Fuck: GIF Porn Wars

Sometimes I think you people are fucking nuts. I would let beefy Bronson Gates’ ass have a permanent residence on my face. Unfortunately, I appear to be in the minority. Anthony Rex & Max Morgan beat out Gates and his Michael Rogue in last week’s “Fuck Vs. Fuck”. It was an obvious fix. And for once it wasn’t us doing the fixing! On a side note, does anyone else LOVE my co-blogger Dewitt’s current obsession with GIFS? It makes the dirty pictures even dirtier! That’s the legal definition of a GIF, right?

iPhone Wars: Battle Of The Boners (Part III)

When you play “iPhone Wars”, do you find that you can usually pick the winner right off the bat. I used to think I could, but what the hell do I know? I was sure D was a shoe-in last week. WRONG. 39.26% of you gave Contestant A the win.

Top Or Bottom: Lemmy Kravitz

Speaking of asses that I need my face up in, Lenny Kravitz can join Bronson Gates in that category. If The Hunger Games actor (yeah, we know – he plays muzak, too) was into the butt sex with the guys – would he bend or thrust? Oh, he would be THRUSTING. 29.87% of you think so.

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