Would You Hit That?: Hulk Hogan

We can hear some of you guffawing! We can even actually feel some of your faces curling up in disgust! That’s fine! I assure you, however, that there is at least one dude out there that wants himself some deep-fried, leather luggage-looking wrestling goodness! TMZ recently revealed that a sex tape exists featuring famed wrestler and reality television dad Hulk Hogan. Personally, I’d rather watch Phyllis Diller ride dicks, but that’s just me. Would you want to see this sex tape? Would you wank to it? Be honest. You can stop giving me that “bitch, you crazy” look now.

– J. Harvey

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27 thoughts on “Would You Hit That?: Hulk Hogan

  1. Man, I can just imagine being tossed around and ravaged by this man. I would for sure love to have him pound my ass

  2. Back in the day, maybe, but after hearing him open his stupid mouth and bicker inanely with his family and all that drama, I wouldn’t want anything to do with him.

    I do love me some wrestlers, though.

  3. I undressed next to him at a gym around 1984 in Pa. Trust me there’s nuthin there.
    Too many Steroids and Peroxide

  4. Once you get pass the cob webs , liver spots & that old  rubber dildo smell  Phyllis wont be so bad   

  5. I wouldn’t even fuck that with Rick Santorium’s dick,……………well maybe with Rick Santorium’s

  6. In his earlier career, in a heartbeat. Not a fan of handle bar mustaches, but I love a muscular man with a killer smile.

    Though now… not so much. though I still think he looks good for a guy his age.

  7. I would want to see the tape, only to see what he is packing. That goes for any male celeb. Fucking him though, hell no.


  8. I worked for a woman who dated Hulk Hogan when she was much younger, she weighs about 350 lbs now, and she bragged about having sex with him. Whenever she mentioned him I became instantly nauseated due to the mental image of those two having sex. My imagination has not been the same…

  9. I said no but if we covered his face and he did not talk i would make love to his body.  

  10. I’d hit that… with a board fill of rusty nails… repeatedly… till it died and the people of the world were safe again

  11. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?? Did an alien suck out your brain? Or, are you just gross?? Mr Harvey, you are  gross!!!

  12. I think you need to be directing that comment to the people who said they WOULD have sex with Hulk Hogan…

  13. I use to have a crush on him and he seems like he would have a big cock…ON the other hand as far as wrestlers go I so would do Vince McMahon the owner of wwe the dude is an Adonis Daddy BIG everything! Rumour has it from a close source that he does play with guys…more so back in the day who know’s about now…but you know he’s Irish catholic and is a major homophobe but he has huge COCK.

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