Who Would You Rather?: Kardashian Men

For reals, I DESPISE the Kardashians. So why am I still blogging about? It’s simple – Rob Kardashian has a big fat ass that I want to shove my face in and tongue til’ he screams. Dancing With The Stars hasn’t had a big beefy booty that hot since Joey Fatone graced the gilded dancefloor. If you hadn’t guessed, I’m a butt man.

Kris Humphries is the guy who married Kim Kardashian and got dumped by him 72 days later. Scott Disick (Disdick?) is married to Kourtney Kardashian. Rob Kardashian’s ass is really its own entity. And what the fuck did Bruce Jenner do to his face? Vote for which of these four you’d rather fuck after the break!

– J. Harvey

Kris Humphries

Scott Disick

Rob Kardashian’s Ass

20 thoughts on “Who Would You Rather?: Kardashian Men

  1. quite frankly, even things like this validates an otherwise useless group of human beings (at least i think they’re human beings).  while we fight for the right to marry, kim divorces after 78 day, making a mockery of the union.

    if the media would just ignore them for a week, maybe they’d all go away.

    does it bother anyone else that these are the people who represent us to the rest of the world????

  2. Kris does nothing for me. I am not attracted to very tall men in the NBA. Rob has a nice phat ass. I would fuck and play with it. However, I wouldn’t kick Kris out of my bed, if I woke up horny.

  3. Scott Disick look like a fruit fly.Bruce Jenner, more like a beettlejuice!Where the fuck is Brody Jenner??  He’s the only one worth looking at…..

  4. First of all I’d like to see Rob’s face before I decide if his but is worth fucking, though it is very fuckable and I’ll get my face in it, but I have to see his face and body first.  Kris by far is a man of my dreams and i’d do him anyday.  Well Scott is cute, but that’s all I know and poor Bruce.  I’m not sure if it’s age or plastic surgery gone wrong.

  5. my guess is that Scott probably has the biggest cock of the 4, but wouldn’t mind a three way w/ Kris & Rob

    as for Bruce, poor poor Bruce, he was such a stud during the Olympics, but now his face looks like
    a drycleaning bag covering a dress in his wife’s closet

  6. I remember the huge crush I had on Bruce Jenner after CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC came out in 79/80!  He was so fucking hot!  It is a shame what people will do to themselves to hang onto youth.  I mean how bad could he have looked if he had done nothing??

  7. Remember the acting guest spots Bruce did in the 1980s?  He was a hotty.   I can’t even being to surmise the path that took him to his present look. WTF?

  8. kris for sure he is lucky to be out of that family everyone bitches about them but yet they must be watching show as they have a lot of viewers lol

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