American Muscle Hunks Megapost | Part 1

This site. I have lost my ability to even. 


One of the hassles about this job is not having enough hours in the day to talk about every single thing that happens that I think is cool. And I really make an effort to get a sampling of all sorts of different types of shit that’s out there, to share with you guys. Not all of it is worth money, so sometimes just a post and a couple gifs gives you the whole gist of it and that’s fine. Some sites are definitely worth the cost, and I take it for granted that you guys already know about them.

This past month I haven’t really talked about American Muscle Hunks at all and that’s for no other reason than that I’ve had other stuff come in that let take its spot. And I don’t wanna wear anybody out with constantly jacking off (literally and figuratively) about Joey D and the gang. But my silence stops now.  Because I just sat down and watched FOUR AMH SCENES BACK TO BACK AND BOY IS MY PENIS TIRED:


Jack Hunter and Johnny V:


Jack Hunter is back and he’s ready to give Johnny V the ride of his life on his enormous man meat. Everyone knows Johnny loves huge cock so he saddles up and blows Jack as only Johnny can. Then Jack pushes Johnny on all fours and devours his hole until he decides to put his monster member inside Johnny’s tight ass. After fucking Johnny on all fours, Jack then lays him on a table and pounds him until he shoots his huge load. Just as Johnny blows all over himself, Jack says he is going to shoot and forces Johnny onto his knees until he covers him with a warm blanket of jizz.




Jack Hunter & Johnny V


Lol. Ok. Sure. That description is fluffy. But, man. There’s nothing like the way Johnny V sucks dick and gets fucked. It’s such a good contrast to this scene from last night where there was little eye contact and not much smiling; Johnny comes into these matchups like he’s trying to suck money outta that dick and looks into his partner’s eyes repeatedly and intensely.  He earnestly seems like he’d be here doing this, exactly this way, even if there were no cameras.

I don’t know what they’re paying JV, but I am certain it’s not enough.

Look at this shit:


full_05 full_07 full_09 full_12 full_14 full_15


I already gave you the long-form tube clip up there instead of the teaser, but you can go watch that here. 


But wait! There’s a fuckton more:


Big Joey D Solo

Joey D is our most requested solo scene and it’s a good thing because he LOVES doing them. Muscle worship and solo cam shows is where he got his start. This week he gets to go back to his
roots and feel his rock hard muscles before blowing a huge load. He tries out his new jock when the phone rings and he goes to answer it. Talking about hooking-up with the person on the other line turns him on and it’s not long before he’s feeling every inch of his body and playing with his monster cock. Flexing and showing off finally makes him blow an enormous load all over the floor.



Joey D


I’m flat out IN LOVE with the fact that jackin it solo is Joey getting “back to his roots.” That’s amazing. You can tell this dude knows how to work a cam audience, but also, by about three minutes in, is really feelin himself. That kinda ‘feelin it’ that you get when you can just whack it in the mirror without any other inspiration material. I love Joey’s solo bits almost as much as I love watching him work another dude out. Joey kills me:


full_01 full_03 full_04 full_06 full_08 full_11


There’s another half of this post that will be up later this week. In the meantime, these AMH dudes absolutely slaying right now and if you’re gonna subscribe to anything, this will be the best value for your nut. Or just keep coming here and watching the tube clips.



– tyler

3 thoughts on “American Muscle Hunks Megapost | Part 1

  1. I totally agree that AMH really hits the spot, and Johnny and Joey are such a pair of cuties

  2. I think that’s the thing, it’s smaller studios such as AMH and GISP which are putting out content that consistently gets me hard, whilst a lot of stuff from the bigger studios is just meh! I’d love to see what they could do with a bigger budget.

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