Is Anyone Else Getting Nervous About Maine?


In case you've forgotten, residents of Maine will be voting today on whether to keep a law that legalized gay marriage. The polls are predicting that it's extremely close, and I'm seriously about to pull out my hair worrying about this. No matter what happens, I'm going to be really drunk after the results are revealed. Let's just hope I'm not in a drunken state of depression.

While a loss would just suck in general, it'd suck even more on the symbolic front. The defeat would only give more fuel to the opposition, and who knows how this would effect future progress on the quest for equality? ::sigh:: I'm going to just keep breathing and attempt to remain optimistic.

– Dewitt

4 thoughts on “Is Anyone Else Getting Nervous About Maine?

  1. personally, I am more concerned about New York, I can’t believe Iowa passed it before we did, a red state for crying out loud.

  2. Iowa is HARDLY a red state lol, and turnout in Maine is 17% higher than expected, which is a good thing!!! It means people who were not expected to vote are voting (mostly YOUNGER people, who tend to be more gay friendly). I am not worried anymore about Maine

  3. The only way that this will be final, once nad for all is an amendment…or am I wrong…and should women and blacks be worried that their rights will be taken away?

  4. Gary, you make an excellent point. If states are allowed to legislate away equal rights then where does it all end. Women? Blacks? Inter-racial relationships? Some states and members of congress are actively trying to attack Latinos.
    We have strayed from the visions we had in the 60’s and 70’s and chosen to go down a very dark path.

  5. you’re correct Viking…
    The fact that we as a gay community allow the feds to dictate that marriage is in the hands of the states is a bunch of BS…
    Why should equality be doled out here and not there, so much money and endless effort has been spent on individual states…
    It is now time to attack the federal law makers and tell them is isn’t good enough.
    Equality is universal…we have let the government pull the wool over our eyes and get us into what will have to be endless battles in 50 states…
    All of these state equal rights groups need to be pulled into one massive campaign toward the federal government where it belongs!
    Until there is a constitutional ammendment allowing equal rights for the entire nation, it will just be battle after battle and go on forever!

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