Is 27 Too Old?

27 Too Old

Just when you thought mid-life crises were supposed to happen in your thirties, a new study by Virginia University professor Timothy Salthouse has found that "reasoning, speed of thought and spatial visualization all decline in our late 20s."

Prior to this study, those of you in the 27-29 age bracket may have been immune to being called "trolls", but now it's not looking too good for you! Though I say this in jest, parties like the under-28 engagement at New York City's Black PartyThe Serpent's Lair, seem to actually reinforce this ageism. While it may now be scientifically proven that brain speed starts to decline at 27, who was the smart-ass who decided hotness does? Hell, porn star Mike Dreyden just turned 40, and he's looking better than ever!

In other health-related news, radio personality Don Imus has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Though his affliction may not be a laughing matter, it's easy to wonder whether this is karma for referring to the Rutgers University women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hoes."

– Dewitt

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