Quickie: Maubrey Destined

A good photo has the ability to transport you right into the scene, as you let your imagination run wild and determine how you’d react within those surroundings. In this particular image of Maubrey Destined, I can easily imagine getting down on my knees in front of him and slowly pulling down those Calvin Klein briefs. What comes next? Well, you’ll have to use your imagination in regards to that matter…

There’s something incredibly strong about Maubrey’s presence, and it’s not just the bulging muscles or dramatic poses. He’s endowed with a certain level of swagger, to the degree that my hole’s twitching at the mere sight of him. Does anyone else see what I’m talking about? Because if we’re being entirely honest, I’m ready for him to do me hard… NOW.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Tarrice Love

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374 thoughts on “Quickie: Maubrey Destined

  1. I really like the first photo, how the wide stance forces your gaze upward. Very nicely done. Also, he has what are know as a ‘dick suckin’ mouth’, lol!


  2. I think that this man is the one of, if not, the hottest me(a)n to me that you have featured here. I am certain before long the ugly racist comments will come flying out of the familiar fingers that we see here, glad I got in early today.

  3. yum, just yum. Im sure the guys saying hes ugly are the same ones who comment how hot the saggy 65yr hairballs that are often on here are. i agree, sex on legs describes him well!!

  4. He is exactly what I imagine Seal to be but without the scars from lupus. Both sexy men but this one wins fo’ sho’.

  5. LOL Dewitt M/H probable had 2 give something BIG 2 suck on 2 stop all the hyperventilating so that U could finish the post !!!

  6. He is very sexy…. in a artistic way….. He’s hot , the way “Seal” is hot…..very striking features……

  7. Claudio and Rick B. let’s see u in an underwear shoot, and we’ll judge who is hotter, I’m so over you bitter queens who put down attrative men who’ve spent a lot of time working out to look like that, and a face is not the deal breaker

  8. I’ve seen & spoken to him. His skin is a flawless deep hue of glistening semi-sweet chocolate; his smile is huge, beaming and warm; and he has a very sweet demeanor. I had to really concentrate not to stare and I was certain he probably had a very long, thick… at least I hoped that was the case. glad to stumble upon these photos and learn that my impression was correct (videos on Youtube reveal more in that category)

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