iPhone Wars: Battle of No Pants (Part II)

It’s time for the second edition of the Battle of No Pants! We’ve rounded up four guys from Guys With iPhones who aren’t wearing any pants, and it’s up to you to decide which one is the hottest. So who will be this week’s champion?

I’m leaning towards Contestant C, though I’ll accept arguments in favor of Contestant D. Of course, the other two guys are looking better and better the more I look at them. This is a pretty hard decision!

– Dewitt

To see the full pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:





94 thoughts on “iPhone Wars: Battle of No Pants (Part II)

  1. Sorry… iphone mirror photos = epic fail. It lacks creativity and intelligence.

  2. Definate drop in standards from the men and pictures your have shown us before in these vote offs – is this the best you could find?

  3. If I had to choose it would have to be between A and D…I can’t see B because of the hat and C would be a maybe at best…but that just me being picky

  4. C all the way. Hot body, fireman t-shirt, thick thighs and a nice cock! Plus, I’d like to take that smirk look off his face!

  5. D was my final choice because he kinda has that “I know I am hott” frat boy look. Plus, he charges his phone in the bathroom!

  6. Hmm, I’d go for A, then D, but yeah, the other 2 I’m not really feeling! I go for overall rather than just a fat cock!

  7. Out of curiosity, there used to be (on the left of the page) a list of other mags that you could check out. And I did just that when I had read everything current here that interested me. That list seems to have disappeared. A casualty of the new “improved” look, I presume. This new look is really a “pisser”!! And I do NOT mean that in a good way. Just my two cents, but I really, and I mean REALLY, hate this new look. I said once when it first assaulted us, that it sucked. Believe me, I don’t like it half that much now.

  8. @hh9999 im assuming youre looking for the links at the bottom of the page?

    i chose a cause hes cute and has a funny face, but i defeinitely wanna see more of c, especially his cock.

  9. I think Contestant A is super cute in a weird nerdy kinda way. I wouldnt mind being his boyfriend!!! Find him for me LOL

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