Random Question: Meet Before Meat?

Prior to having sex with someone, do you need to meet up with them in a nonsexual context? For some men, it’s necessary to have a “first meeting”, which generally tends to happen in a public place. This can be for a variety of reasons, whether they’re confirming that you’re attracted to one another, establishing a personal connection or just making sure you’re not completely insane.

On the other side of the fence, there are folks who believe such a meeting would be an inconvenience or waste of time. They’d prefer to get together behind closed doors and start fooling around with no strings attached. Where do you fall along this spectrum? Do you need to meet before you whip out the meat?

728 thoughts on “Random Question: Meet Before Meat?

  1. Personally, I am a MEET before MEAT Guy. I like to know the person that is putting their cock in my mouth. Atleast meeting them before it happens you get to know a lil about the person. For me I am a good judge of character and can usually tell if I would like to take it further after that.

  2. I always talked at length with a guy before planning a hook-up. I didn’t beat around the bush about what I wanted and I asked detailed questions about what he wanted to do and especially what he didn’t want to do. I never had anyone over without a pic. We also talked a while before things got going. Funny how the cocky guys online were the most nervous in person LOL

  3. i’ve only met two of my hook-ups in a public place…usually it’s hosting or travelling and after a little small talk we get right to it…sometimes we may talk afterwards, sometimes not…depending on the guy and how he reacts on-line will determine whether or not I suggest meeting in public first…if he seems nervous i’ll suggest meeting in a public place, if not it’s usually “Who’s hosting, me or you?”

  4. I prefer to meet a guy before doing anything with him. And I tell him so. That way, he comes with no expectation of messing around. I feel that this shows me how much he is interested in me as well. If he is willing to take the time to get to know me a little, that makes for better sex in the long run.

  5. I 2 am a meet b4 meat type of guy nothing worst than 2 travel / host only 2 discover that the guy 20 years older & 30 lbs heavier

  6. It depends on the situation. Usually I meet before meat; coffee, movies, dinner, etc. I prefer doing that because I can get a feel for the guy, see if there’s a connection, etc.

  7. shit’s awkward as fuck. both guys know what it is, i ask them “still interested?” and they can say “yea” or “nay.” i don’t need to know what books you’ve read lately, nor do i care.

  8. Since I don’t hook up that often…very picky…i haven’t had an experience where the guy was 30 lbs heavier, balding, toothless and looking nothing like his posted pix..I guess I’ve been lucky that way…If a guy is being flaky online we probably won’t hook up at all and I’ll probably block him.

  9. I prefer to meet prior to meating. Mainly, I want to know the guy is not a psycho and if he is really who he portrays online.

  10. Well I would agree with other responses on here. I’m generally a “MEET before MEAT” type of guy. The connection really has to be there.

    But there are times when I find myself feeling incredibly horny and need something…so sometimes I do the MEAT and just leave it at a one night stand.

  11. When I used to frequent MH a little more than I do now (which has become almost never….) every single situation was different. The majority of the guys I met, I had talked to for a long time on the sites, and preferably also chatted on ichat or Facebook. The guys I got to know better “virtually”, I always met for drinks or dinner before we went off to do….whatever we did, or nothing if the face-to-face chemistry wasn’t there. The rare occasion that I had “NSA hook-ups”, I generally did not “MEET” before “MEATING” 🙂 ….. I guess if I just wanted to get off, conversation over a cocktail was useless.

    What irritates me about some of the guys on these sites is they often say they want to meet and have dinner and actually get to know you, so that’s what I’m expecting, but at the end of the meal/drinks, you are still expected to “MEAT”. I like men who are honest about what they want.

  12. p.s. – (a funny story) one time I had a guy recovering in AA offer to sit at a bar with me and buy me drinks if it would make me more comfortable for the sex that was going to happen later….. I said it wasn’t necessary and just went to his apartment 🙂 He was hot…

  13. Pssh! I’m willing to be half of you are lying through your teeth, acting like saints, but I’m not one to judge…just sayin’, haha!

  14. I don’t want to meet a guy before sex. I did that a few times and frankly the passion dissipates in the process. Instead I always open the door, grope lightly to show my interest, offer them a drink and a seat on the couch, engage them in oight conversation, and after a few minutes pop the question,…are you interested in playing or do you wnat to pass. Never had a pass.

  15. I totally agree Marc!! Lies, lies, lies! You’re on a hook up site looking for meat, but oh you HAVE to meet them before anything happens… give me a break!

  16. Randall and Marc. You don’t know jack squat! Not everyone is on the site for just hook ups! Shut the hell up! You don’t have a clue! Not all men are sluts like you two!

  17. Does meeting at a bath house count. If not I have met only a couple of guys before getting naked and taking it. Even at a bath house, I tend to keep things anonymous. Does not mean it is not passionate and hot.

  18. I usually invite guys over to my place, but I always tell them that we need to make sure we click before we play. Sometimes that’s real conversation, but sometimes it’s obvious that we both want to play.

    If it’s going to involve them being submissive (as it normally does these days), I have a long chat about what they like and don’t like, and what I like doing to them. I establish a few ground rules for safety and make sure they feel like they can trust me. That usually means a fair amount of conversation and sometimes a MEET before MEAT.

    The trickiest situation is when the guy wants to drive in from out of town to meet me. I hate turning down a guy who’s come a long way hoping to play. I’ve played once or twice with guys I wasn’t real excited about simply because I felt bad sending them away.

  19. When someone messages me on this, or any site, I have conversation with them. It gets some of them really mad for some reason, but it’s just how I’ve always been. I’m not a big hookup person and use this site to meet friends more than find ass.

  20. i don’t really meet-before-meat, although with the way some guys like to be “creative,” i can most definitely see that approach’s merits.

    of course, when it is clear that there is a high-level of mutual interest present, then at least a few of the preliminary tests can be eliminated.

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