Everything Butt: Ty LeBeouf

Ty LeBeouf’s awesomely beefy butt has been a topic of discussion in at least two of Manhunt Daily‘s best interviews, so it’s about time that it’s appeared on our site. I’ve been lusting after those muscular mounds for quite some time now, and it helps that they’re attached to a very attractive man.

Oh, and did we mention that Ty’s the only man in the world who’s filmed a hardcore scene with muscle bear Bo Dixon? One of them may have regretted it afterwards, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve jerked off to it more times than I can count!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

To check out Ty LeBeouf’s hot ass, follow the JUMP:

1,752 thoughts on “Everything Butt: Ty LeBeouf

  1. He’s hot and a sweetheart. It’s the type of man you want to fuck and make love to at the same time.

  2. Damn, I feel guilty about looking at these pictures now after reading Bo Dixon’s story.

  3. Wow, Ty is hot. The Bo Dixon article is crazy, that’s a side of porn you don’t often hear about.

  4. I agree with Leo. The Bo Dixon interview is a real eye-opener about the porn industry.

    That said, Ty is hot.

  5. It should be noted that Bo Dixon never regretted having sex with Ty LeBouf just having it shown everywhere… Who would regret getting to spread those mounds?

  6. I was on the set when Paging Dr. Finger was filmed at Hot House Entertainment and I was the one who took the pictures in the link to Bill in Exile and all I can say is the only reason Bo Dixon is crying about his image being all over the internet is because he can’t figure out how to charge people for it.

    For Bo to whine about his image being splashed across the internet without his permission . . . well, all I can say to that is, if you don’t want to see yourself naked on the web don’t fucking do porno movies asshole!

  7. I agree with Scott ( above ) don’t do a porno if U have issue with people seeing U naked all over the Internet . Every studio main stream , straight , gay put out trailer 2 get people N 2 the theater buy the DVD etc, etc… Scott I think your right on the money if Bo was getting MO MONEY ( pun intended ) he have no regrets !!!

  8. i like ty’s look: he reminds me of an english Soccer Hooligan.

    it’s always a plus, for us Tops, to have at a tough guy bottom.


  9. BRAVO SCOTT!!!! You hit the nail on the head, if he can’t charge for it, Bo Dixon doesn’t want it out there….how naive can you be to think you do a porn flick and stills or vid captures or your OTHER pics won’t get splashed around the globe. Obviously pretty fucking naive cause he’s been bellyaching about his pics for a long time…I defriended him on Facebook because that’s all he talked about, and how to get into more modeling…..

    Ty is the dream stud….he’s got it all and I’d love to spend a day like Scott did watching him have sex, even if I never got to do it myself…..woof, woof, WOOF!

  10. O boy. Give some queens a moment to rip on someone from their corners of their DSL worlds and away they go. This blog is about Tye – give him some love.

    Don’t be stereotypes. Scott – you take pictures at a porn shoot and you some how become a career counselor for porn stars – hello, voyeur.

    O brother. Just be nice.

  11. Sal – OMG! Harness that defriending power, feel the burn of the moment. Medusa has nothing on you. Too funny. Do you realize how silly you sound? Like, OMG!

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