In Bed With Colby Keller: Getting A Handle On Your Online Sex Profile

Colby Keller in full and gorgeous Andy Warhol-ian technicolor! What’s your Manhunt profile name? Does it sum you up in every way and call attention to your profile? Or are the other gents yawning and moving on to the next guy? There’s a lot in a name. For instance, my profile was BostGuy10 for awhile. Not one damn person ever chatted me up. Then I changed it to RichGuy10InchDick and the boys came a’runnin! Of course, it was meant as a joke and I got a lot of “fuck you and your lies!” but it did show me that what you call yourself online is an important part of your online self. Especially if you’re looking to get laid. The beautiful and wise Colby Keller has a few suggestions for when you’re picking a nom de guerre. Check em’ out after the break!

And for MORE Colby Keller, check out his blog and follow him on Twitter. Colby and his trusted companion Karl Marxxx are going on tour. Deets after the break!

– J. Harvey

Ten year porn veteran and popular art-nerd porn blogger, Colby Keller hits the road for more adventures with Big Shoe Diaries. Keller, 31 will be driving with co-blogger and queer performance artist Karl Marxxx of the Big Shoe Team from NYC to Seattle, Washington August 10th to 18th to see and share the funniest and randiest that the northern United States have to offer. Colby, the resident sex advice vlogger is also hoping to secure engagements at bars/clubs/community centers/bachelor and bachelorette parties for his infamous “Colby Keller Spanking Station.”

Know of a crazy I SEE PENIS landmark Colby shouldn’t miss?
Want to book Colby for a night of spanking at your club or porn-friendly private house party?

Send us an email at Big Shoe Diaries – that’s OR

We’ll be conducting interviews, hopefully hosting some events and taking photos of everything gay and perverted along the way. But we need your help. Spread the word to party planners, club owners, gallerists, artists we should interview and randy local tour guides so that we can make this trip the best possible.

Our current (and relatively flexible) itinerary is as follows:

August 10th (Pittsburgh or Cleveland)
August 11th (Chicago or Madison)
August 12th (Minneapolis)
August 13th somewhere in North/South Dakota
August 14th somewhere in Montana
August 15th somewhere in Idaho/Utah/western Oregon
August 16th Portland
August 17th Seattle

Help us secure our timeline and tell us what we should see!!! See you on the open road!

Colby Keller & Karl Marxxx Do America!

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