Miri Ben-Ari: “Dim The Lights”

If you were stranded on a desert island all week and you could only bring one new music video to watch on loop, we’d recommend taking Miri Ben-Ari‘s “Dim The Lights” with you. The incredibly talented hip-hop violinist has tapped into her sense of humor with this hilarious, intentionally retro clip, and it might just be the best thing we’ve ever seen.

In conclusion, a pug in sunglasses. A PUG IN SUNGLASSES!!!!

– Dewitt

Click through to watch the insanely great video for “Dim The Lights”

3 thoughts on “Miri Ben-Ari: “Dim The Lights”

  1. Two chords and three words?  Not exactly my idea of “the best thing I’ve ever seen”.  How about “boring and monotonous”?  Sorry.

  2. normally a fan of violin solo’s / cheesey 80’s and a bit of sillyness but this is just painful

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