Manhunt Is Just About To Hit 200,000 Likes On Facebook!

We are this close to 200,000 Likes on our Manhunt Facebook page. Pretty good for a page that got yanked for three weeks just a short while ago. Despite that horror, we got our page back and it’s better than ever. When you can’t check out Manhunt or Manhunt Daily on the regular, our safe-for-work FB page is where you go to see pics of the hottest guys, and get information on Manhunt contests and promotions. We didn’t hit 200,000 by being boring!

And if you haven’t liked us yet, now’s the time! Because the 200,000th person to click that button will receive a year of Unlimited Membership on Manhunt for FREE. That’s one whole year of unlimited profiles, photos and messaging. Click here to get to our page, or click the banner above. 200,000 is your lucky number!

– J. Harvey

33 thoughts on “Manhunt Is Just About To Hit 200,000 Likes On Facebook!

  1. I would, but I don’t know how I feel about my professors seeing I’m on a gay hook-up site…

  2.  obviously that number WOULD be a LOT higher if everyone in our family and friends list didnt see it.

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