In Which You Need To Help Me Decide

Is this scene good?


I’ve watched this trailer a couple of times now and I’ve watched the full scene all the way through 1 and a half times, and I’m still not sure what this is.  I’ve mentioned my sort of warming ambivalence toward Ricky Roman before, and this doesn’t do anything to bowl me over. I like Zak Bishop and he’s doing all the stuff here, but there’s something about this that just doesn’t seem quite… there.  But it might be me. Because obviously I can’t stop watching it.

This scene came with a small novel’s worth of description and that didn’t help to win me over either (which it sometimes does):

It was almost like Zak could read Ricky’s mind. He laid back on the bed as Ricky fingered and primed his hole before gently sliding his cock inside. While Ricky might have a world-class ass, he sure does know how to top an eager bottom! The guys soon found their rhythm, moaning and crooning words of encouragement, before switching it up a few times. Zak straddled himself over the bed while Ricky pounded him from behind, the guys both checking themselves out in the mirror.

There’s literally four more paragraphs of ‘what’s happening’ story with this, but I know you’re just here to watch the movies. So let’s look:



It’s… there’s something there, right? It’s not just me? But also kinda not quite? I’m gonna give you guys the extended 5 minute clip here if you promise not to tell.  They like to save the long clips for other stuff but I need you to help decide if this is good or not, so this seems like a justified application.





Ok. Now the important stuff. Let’s vote:



I should probably encourage you to go see the full version here, but again. I’m on the damn fence. Let’s see what the public has to say.


– tyler

4 thoughts on “In Which You Need To Help Me Decide

  1. From the way you described this it seems like they just fallowed to the letter a script that was given rather than being into each other enough to free-form and just go with the flow and let the cameras roll.

    A lot of porn out there blends into the woodwork over time and this appears to me to be one of those.

  2. If someone wants to mutilate their bodies with ink, of course they can. It’s their choice.
    I love gay porn and watch it often. If I don’t want to look at men who have mutilated their bodies with ink, that’s my choice. And I don’t.

  3. Having just watched the latest GISP scene, I was watching this and felt weeelllll. I like Ricky and all the ingredients are there it’s just it feels like they’re a beat off if you know what I mean

  4. cocky boys is awful .. no matter what the editing it is just as bland as gayhoopla.

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