ICYMI: White Christmases For EVERYONE

In Case You Missed It Wrap Up:
December 28, 2015

It’s the last wrap up of 2015! I don’t have anything else to say about that! I’m sure you’re as exhausted as I am of “holidays” and “Christmas” and “2015” this morning (and possibly trapped back at work), so let’s look at some distracting things from other sites that I may have missed while I was busy with some yule logs that required my attention the last few days:

– One of these days I’m gonna write about Southern Strokes because they keep casting guys that I’m sort of “well, maaaaaaybe…” about. But until then, here’s Trevor!

– Tyler Rush managed to post 12 different jockstrap tweets, featuring his succulent “omg I wanna bite it” ass.

– These doctors have some very questionable practices. But I would still totally go to them. A lot. Hard Medicine with Colton Grey, Armond Rizzo, Derek Atlas, Sean Zevran and more!

Belasco has some very specific ideas about big swinging cocks and nipples on which you could feed a family of four.

Raphael Marino and Santiago Figueroa play accountant over at Peter Fever. Marino is such a fun fucking bottom.

ProudBator is the only name you need to know this week. Watch for my review of his site – which is where these 35 cock gifs are from.

– Few expressions draw up the same level of bile in me as “YouTube Celebrity.” This Helix scene is certainly the exception.

Trenton Ducati. You don’t need more than that. Just go watch him plow. Fuckin amazing.

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“Well, it’s more like, “dick sticking out of a box,” but the dick was in the box at the beginning.” Oh, Deviant Otter. Never change.

THE LAST #ASSWEDNESDAY OF 2015 IS LIVE! Go choose the Best Ass of 2015 NOW! Over 1k people have already voted!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY JESUS – Mick Lovell is unreasonably, ridiculously hot bottoming for Joel Birkin in “The Xmas Surprise,” (spoiler – the surprise is Birkin’s HUGE penis).

– I’m not a furry, but I play one on twitter sometimes. Here’s the best sexy reindeer you’ll see all year.

– And for those of you without an affinity for anthropomorphic animals with human genitals, here’s a more traditional holiday gallery: the 12 Bros of Christmas.

I promise we’re done with holiday stuff for 2015, save for NYE coming up later this week. Otherwise, welcome back to real life on MHD. Get ready for a great week! Also, here’s the definition for “White Christmas!”


– tyler

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