Late Run – Silent but Muscly

Does this feel like the
beginning of a snuff film to anyone else?

Oh how often I come across things on tumblr late at night, with my pants around my ankles that make me go, “Oh! This is… ok. I can do this… I can get into this…” right up until the 25 second mark when the chair moves and makes a noise and I realize that this video isn’t muted, this guy is just completely fucking silent. So – my first thought is always, Manhunt Daily should see this!

If only so that I’m not in it alone. Behold, the cam show that will have everyone asking “who?” and “huh?” and even “so is this the guy that gets snuffed? Or does somebody else come in?”




Man dude. Sigh with relief, burp, hum a tune, call somebody on speakerphone and let them make some sounds. This silence is spooky as hell.


This guy looks CRAZY familiar to me, so gimme a shout if you think I should know who this is (and so I can see if he’s ok).



– tyler

14 thoughts on “Late Run – Silent but Muscly

  1. I prefer a less bulked body and don’t care if the guy wasn’t all riped. Call me fetishist but sometimes a belly or flabby skin is saxy. The result is too artificial. These guys seem to lost control of themselves.

  2. Oddly, I’d rather watch THAT. That’s a whole weird subgenre where dudes with big butts suffocate smaller guys. There was an illustrator who did a bunch of work like that. His name escapes me right now but I’ll get it eventually.

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