ICYMI: Trucking Right Along

In Case You Missed It Wrap Up:
March 21, 2016


Getting an early jump on the week today! Spent the better part of the entire weekend working on the new incarnation of Manhunt Daily and it’s gonna be soooo pretty, y’all. I can’t wait for you to see it. But because of all that mess, posting was pretty light. We still got a couple good scenes up, and a twitter recap for the week. But now’s our chance to scoop up all the dribbly bits that you shouldn’t miss:


– Next Door Raw is just trucking right along (and they’ve got a $1 test drive to see if it’s for you), bringing you whatever Bareback Cheaters is probably about. Why’s everyone on the NDR homepage got their mouth open?

– All kinds of discounts are still live today. Get you some St. Patricks Day savings from Andrew Christian, Gay Room, and Lucas Entertainment!


– Speaking of Lucas Entertainment, I’m still sorta hot for this Dario Leon character. Even though some of you seem to think there’s some fake jizz action going on in this scene.

Sweet Manhunt shoutout, Men of Montreal! Scroll down to Chase on Manhunt to watch the clip!

– Much like doing a cursory glance at your surroundings before recording a jack off clip, double check all your music before you post it to Xtube, or there could be lolz.


– I never ever understand what’s going on at Kristen Bjorn, but the guys are SO FUCKING HOT.

– Boy the comments got so sour on this post. Nobody’s got a sense of humor about white guys, eh?

– Oh, UK Naked Men. Ilu.


Feet AND tickling?! Who could stand it!

– I did a liveblog of the Guys in Sweatpants Liveshow and it was amazing. They made cookies and fucked, SIMULTANEOUSLY. It’s worth the read just for the lulz.

These Helix boys get younger and thinner all the time. I like about half of this, but man. I feel old and wide watching this shit.

These dicks were so big that nobody could talk about anything else in the comments. It was pretty great. Plus bonus Boomer Banks pics tucked in there!

Big, Cock, Dick, Penis, Black, White, Uncut, Cum, Stroke, BBC

– Marcus Ruhl AND Jesse Lee! How did I miss this Peter Fever update? I may still write about this actually.


– There were some top shelf tweets this week in the wrap up. Plus more dicks than usual!


Max Cameron, Vinnie Stefano, bareback, fucking, bottom, sex, gay, load, cum, jizz, GIF



There was more stuff, for sure, but if we don’t start talking about this week’s dicks, we’re just gonna end up with a way longer ICYMI next week.

Onward and upward.

Welcome to Monday.



– tyler



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3 thoughts on “ICYMI: Trucking Right Along

  1. It makes me feel quite old when I realize that I watched Kristian Bijorn when he was a very cute porn actor in Falcon loops back in the 80s

  2. After recent events (cough white guys cough) I think I’ll pass lol. But I’ll be happy to help with any info from my own thoughts based on my experience. And yes Kristian Bijorn did porn for a short time in the mid 80s and was just as good in front of the camera as he is behind it

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