ICYMI: I Yelled and Had to Close the Whole Window

In Case You Missed It Wrap Up:
March 28, 2016


There’s one scene in here that’s SOOOOOO upsetting that I’m still mad about it. I’m probably going to be mad about it all day. Good luck finding it and then trying to wash the horror out of your brains:


– Hugh Hunter gets his big feet worked on. If you’re into feet. (MyFriendsFeet)

This Naked Sword Film Works release is short (17mins) but emotional and smart and worth it. (NSFW)

– “These kats walk in and start swallowing dick,” is how I start all my best writing too. (RawNastyFuckers)

All I Do Is Win plays in my head every time I get on Guys in Sweatpants, regardless what the scene is. (GISP)

YAAY, Eli Lewis!! More from him, please, Peter Fever. More. (PeterFever)

Bravo Delta has a large penis and he’s not afraid to use it. (HotHouse)

bravofuck1 bravofuck2

EVERYTHING at Cockyboys this week was great. Fuck. I need to backtrack and write about these two scenes. (Cockyboys)

– You better GET THOSE SHOES off that COUCH! My mother would throw a FIT! (BlackBreeders)

Meh, by Randy Blue.  Nick Sterling gets a pass though for being a dreamboat. (RandyBlue)

– I actually yelled and had to close the whole window. This is upsetting as FUCK and DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU. (RawAndRough)



Barrack Butt Fucking. Does exactly what it says on the tin. What can I tell you? (EuroCreme)

– I’m entirely unconvinced that these people know what a glory hole is or how this is supposed to work. (BullDogPit)

These were good tweets. I know. I checked. (Manhunt Daily)

– My obsession with Joel Vargas at Twinks In Shorts continues. (TwinksInShorts)

unnamed (17)




That’s your lot for today. I’ve already got a couple tabs open for shit that’s gotta get looked at this afternoon, so it’s gonna be a good week I think. I head up to Boston to work from the Manhunt HQ next week, so expect a lot of “OMG can you believe these people!” tweets on my personal TL about that.

Happy Monday! It’s almost April somehow!


– tyler



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13 thoughts on “ICYMI: I Yelled and Had to Close the Whole Window

  1. That Raw and Rough guy is going to need Depends soon, if he doesn’t already have to. That doesn’t look comfortable or safe; his bowels are going to fall out one day; it CAN happen!

  2. lol so you’re not a fan of rosebuds? Oh well I am and I thought that was hot! Especially when it’s Aarin Asker. He gets fisted so this gangbang is nothing for him.

    BTW, if you really want something that you cannot unsee, how about checking out Erik Rhodes and Trent Bloom in Fisting Central’s Stuff That Ass. Not only does Trent Bloom pushes out his asshole, Erik even licks the rosebud! So hot!

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