ICYMI: Gagging on Holiday Cheer

In Case You Missed It Wrap Up:
December 14, 2015


Man, I don’t know about you guys, but I saw more holiday party action in this weekend than I maybe ever have in my life. I’m gonna be doing neti pots all day to try and get the last of this Christmas cheer outta my sinuses. Let’s see what we might have missed out on, while everybody was wassailing and hall decking and whatever other winter holiday shenanigans you may have gotten dragged into this weekend:


Raw Fuck Club gave us “Passionate Makeout With Sloppy End,” featuring “muscular blonde dude” and “emo flatmate.”

These gorgeous Delmas Howe paintings are crazy detailed and super gay.

I like solo stroke videos as much as the next guy, but I’m comfortable telling you “Kale” isn’t a “name.” It’s a terrible punishment food.  This guy’s got a hot dick though.

You can still vote in last week’s #AssWednesday poll.

Hard, Ass-Pounding Action on the Balcony!” ‘Bout says it all….

The big-dick, beautiful manboy farmers over at Bel Ami packed up this beautiful 3-way for your enjoyment. Adam Archuleta, Tim Campbell, and Brian Jovovich helped.

This public jackoff/cumshot guy is my hero.

Personal Trainer, Fitness, Man, Naked, Public, Jack Off, Neighbors, Caught, Outside, Nude, Masturbating

Sorry, no video was found.” Oh. Sad.

Czech Hunter is a confusing site where everyone is too attractive. How is EVERYONE on here this hot?

Holy shit David Benjamin bottomed for Logan McCree on FISTING CENTRAL DOT COM! I will definitely be writing about this later today…   It actually was kinda rough. But here’s what I said about it.

Logan McCree, David Benjamin, Fisting Central, Fucking, Cum, Pounding, Slamming, Hole, Abuse, Tattoos, Violent

Headline reads: Skinny english dude has pretty big dick and does stuff with it!

Michael Lucas said some (pretty scary) things about another website and I wanted to talk about it, but I also don’t feel like getting pulled into some gossipy nonsense.


There’s definitely other stuff I’m gonna try and scoop up this week and hopefully we’ll get some gif action out of at least that Fisting Central clip.

Happy Monday everyone! It’s nearly 2016!


– tyler

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