I Like To Party ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This public health video from NFP Public Health Solutions in New York has a pretty gaping hole in it, and it doesn’t belong to JD Phoenix (who stars in the ad and seems like someone who could have prevented this):


Now I’m not here to tell you how to live your life – if PnP is your thing and you think you’re doing it safely, that’s your business.  But I’m preeeeeetty comfortable telling a public health organization that their lack of understanding of a culture they’re trying to pander to is a detriment to their cause. “I like to party” means something specific, and there’s nothing about PrEP that’s going to help you with anything included in the notion of ‘partying,’ especially if there’s a capital T in that word.


Maybe you ask more than 1 person how a campaign comes off before you unleash it on the world, Public Health Solutions.





15 thoughts on “I Like To Party ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. They should have clearly said Hook UP, to be sexually active, play around anything but PARTY…. Fools

  2. This is the most responsible and on point message any blogger has published about this video. Congratulations Tyler well done sir well done. There’s hope for us all after-all.

  3. what everyone needs to fear here – is NFP Public Health Solutions in New York and how it has infiltrated our community and bought a troubled and unstable porn model to tell people to party again like it was 1984.

    JD Phoenix isn’t our enemy. He’s a helpless, drug-addicted puppet pawn for them.

    It’s NFP Public Health Solutions in New York – using him – to deceivingly and falsely eradicate the spread of HIV disease in our community. I would not be surprised if Michael Lucas himself – is behind all of this because it’s just that nefarious.

    Personally – I’m more concerned about JD Phoenix than I am with the rest of our community. Simply because, I believe we are not as completely fucked up as he is.

  4. The add video it’s self is about taking PrEP if your gonna go out and hook up with guys you should be taking it. Protection above and beyond condoms from HIV infection and just encase you screw up and do it without a condom.

    But also about how many in the gay community has started to go back to the old ways going out partying and playing thing drugs and booze wise.

  5. Hey fellas, I wrote and produced this with Kenny Shults and here’s why we did this: When we sat down to consider the best audiences for the campaigns we knew only one thing for certain – we wanted to address gay men who might fall under the puritanical “Truvada Whore” classification. That is, we wanted to reach men whose sexual and recreational drug behaviors both put them at a greater risk for both contracting HIV and being stigmatized for even considering going on PrEP.. It seemed obvious to us that judging the men who could benefit most from PrEP for the behaviors that we think they should abandon and replace with consistent, unfaltering condom use was not our job. Our goal as HIV prevention professionals is to reduce HIV infections, and to communicate to those at high risk that they don’t deserve to be punished with HIV for “misbehaving.” I mean, that’s the tacit implication of these reactionary pulpit platforms isn’t it; you either use a condom every time – behave – or you’re shamed and set apart from the rest of the community.

    Enter J.D. Phoenix. J.D. is the embodiment of perceived young gay male sexual autonomy. He represents his generation’s unexpected, and for some vexing, response to the epidemic. And whether we like it not, there are plenty of young gay men using drugs and having barrier free sex, not at all unlike their heterosexual counterparts. But debasing gays for being human while in a higher risk group seemed at best like a double standard and at worst a highly unethical and ineffective means for keeping them healthy. J.D., a man who has and seemingly enjoys having plenty of sex, is perfect person to deliver the first line of the campaign: When straight guys have a lot of sex, they’re called studs; but when gay guys do, they’re called sluts. That line is a setup for one of my stand-up bits that ends with a mediocre punchline, but hearing J.D. say it as he grabs a bag of pills and heads out to the Phoenix gave me goosebumps. Without much effort at all, J.D. managed to subtly communicate the entire breadth of the contrasting principals and controversies surrounding PrEP and its detractors.

  6. If it works to protect people who are sexually active then it’s a good thing to be on for added protection one way or the other.
    I understand who you were trying to reach out to and get the point across but it would have been a batter idea to mention the word and or taking PrEP a few more times instead of just saving it till the end of the video.

  7. No matter what you think or say many out there, mostly younger gen, are having unprotected sex more often than not so if PrEP is gonna help them from contracting HIV then it is a good idea in more ways than one for all.

  8. What you say maybe true, but I find it a sad state of affairs that safe sex is a tougher sell than unprotected sex with drug use. Also one can’t rule out the possibility of a drug resistant strain and possibility of another outbreak.

  9. Safe sex has always been a hard sell and the churches don’t make it easy either it’s abstinence or marriage and they hate birth control so in all parts of sexual life Gay or Straight condoms use is a topic that is not easily accepted. A pill a day is easier to remember than buying condoms and making sure they are not expired too!

    Drinking and drugs or any other kind of mind altering influence effects judgment and makes it easy for an excuse not to care when it happens just after the fact.

  10. I get where you are coming from and I realise the that popular opinion on this has already changed so this debate is a foregone conclusion. Last time I checked the church was against sodomy and that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. Honestly this is ridiculous.

  11. I’d very much like to move your comments into the main body of this post, with your permission. The more I understand the full situation and intent, the more I’d like to talk about what you’re saying here. Shoot me an email if you’d like: daily@manhunt.net

  12. I would love that. I sent you an email with my contact in case you’d like to ask anything else.

  13. The ad and it’s creator’s comments make me sad and a little embarrassed. PrEP does nothing to prevent the spread of gonorrhea or syphilis, both of which are making a major comeback. Now, we’re apparently finding ways to remove the sense of consequence from abusing meth.

    Gay men should be raising the bar instead of lowering it. I remember the good old days when the people calling us hedonistic animals were wrong. Take PrEP, fine, but also wear a condom and for the love of God, DON’T DO METH.

    After viewing this whole thread, I think a little less of gay men in general. I’d never heard of the NFP, but I don’t think very much of them, now. And, I think a WHOLE LOT LESS of J.D. PHOENIX.

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