I Honestly Thought Carson Daly Was Gay

For those of you scratching your heads as to who in the lame-late-90s-celeb-hell Carson Daly is, he’s the dude who used to host a tween show on MTV. Luckily for him after a late night talk show that no one watches and a radio gig, he somehow managed to dig his manicured nails into relevancy by getting a job as host of The Voice.

Anyway, he’s dumb as rocks and way behind the times because homophobia at this point is strictly for dickheads and closet cases. Carson made some stupid comments on his radio show about how gays wouldn’t have stepped up to handle that crazy airline pilot and even did a “gay voice”. Has he never heard of Mark Bingham? Dumb motherfucker.

You can hear Carson’s spiel after the jump courtesy of TMZ. He’s now doing the obligatory “oh, I’ve spoken to GLAAD and I’m mending my ways” bullshit penance and apologized. Whatever. It’s good when pinheads out themselves as pinheads ( I did it years ago and I’ve never felt so free). He actually made a crack about gays going to a “floral convention” on the flight? Is he 80?

As for that post title – I really thought he was gay. My gaydar pinged whenever he came on the screen, as it does for Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest. Guess not or closet?

– J. Harvey

13 thoughts on “I Honestly Thought Carson Daly Was Gay

  1. Carson Daly is a super-mega-douche.  Hopefully, this will be the LAST time he is in the news, except for his obituary.  

  2. anybody ever scene carson and hunter in the same place at the same time?……..just what i thought………that maverick man is wayyyyyy too busy.

  3. He is a nobody, and yes I always thought he was gay, I know he has had to dabble. He was always sucking up to people in Hollywood which was well know then. He s always struck me as an arrogant douchebag because he always thought he was in w the elite. Can someone remind him that it was a fellow gurl that helped tackle the mothers on the Sep 11 flight that crashed in PA. But yet, it s only valid when Tom cruise saves a life, that flight hero is burning in the 7th circle of hell because he liked cock. How silly these breeders think, that man is in heaven because he sacrificed his life for those that the plane was after. Fuck you Carson, Kirk , and all you other small minded fuck heads because you try to cast such a nasty eternity on us. Remember boys, we are faries, and fairies only exist in heaven. And there ya go. Sorry for the long paragraph, but this shit hits home.

  4. I’m thinking that celebs (or wannabes) talking smack against gays is somewhat akin to the “leaked” celeb nude photo. …aka, a cry for attention.

    Take this smuck or Kirk Cameron a week or so ago as an example.  The notoriety of the initial statement, and then the obligatory follow-up “apology” gives them heaps of pub that they would never experience with their otherwise below- the-radar-screen professional lives.

  5. I thought it was rather funny after all he did say with his luck he would be on the flight going to PRIDE in  San Fransisco   flower show convention in Los Vegas  . The truth finally CUMS out !   How ironic that you have people like Carson Daily and Kirk Cameron who’s sexuality has long been in ???  trying to do there best to convince people otherwise

  6. Honey if that man isnt a fag ill suck his daddies dick LOL  and Kirk welll he a fag ass muncher too! I like the voice but will no longer watch it .. Blakes gay bashing was bad enuff but now this fucker? Puuhllease  he will be the next one caught in the bathrrom sucking cock you watch and see.

  7. Even bad publisity is just that….PUBLICITY and getting noticed in some way or other. I too have always thought Carson was gay. It’s sad these guys have to try to be so macho by bashing gays when, in reality, people are thinking or saying, “Hey, That’s odd. I thought you were gay?”

  8. He is also very boring on The Voice.  He has no personality.  The show would be better off without a host.

  9. Give the guy a break, sheesh. We all make fun of ourselves for being gay and we do the “gay voice” You can’t be mad at him for doing something, that probably one us gays did also!

  10. I think Carson Daly is a fag.  How could you say such things and not be reflective of yourself?

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