I Don’t Speak French (But I Can If You’d Like)

This scene begins with a simple French lesson and ends with Harry Louis pumping his huge rod into Isaac Jones on the top of a conveniently clear desk. This isn’t just a porn scene! It’s a chance to educate us all on the meaning of “suce ma bite”.

Our favorite part about this clip is that the professor is the one throwing his ankles in the air, rather than the student. This makes the whole scenario slightly more realistic, considering every gay college professor we know is a huge ol’ bottom. And yet they still won’t play out a student/teacher roleplay with us. Upsetting! We guess we’ll just have to live vicariously through Harry and Isaac…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Men At Play

To check out Harry Louis and Isaac Jones in action, follow the JUMP:

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42 thoughts on “I Don’t Speak French (But I Can If You’d Like)

  1. There is seriously not enough older/younger porn with the YOUNGER as the top. I’m just shy of 21, all top, and find nothing better n the bed than banging an older guy.

    With these two, it’s more than just your standard suck and bang, I feel some great heat and passion watching the clip.

  2. I don’t speak french either,but i like my man Fresh ­čÖé if you know what i mean L0L obrigado

  3. nice, but what is up with the socks on, not sexy. ┬áDon’t get me wrong not complaing about them:)

  4. yeah, the whole prof/student fantasy is ruined by the excessive tats (that NO self-respecting prof would EVER have!) LOL

    Agree with Goblyn, tho’

  5. In Europe some say that Italian is dramatic, Spanish is poetic, Portuguese is musical and, French is comical, LOL

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