McFly Knows How To Advertise

Has anyone else heard of McFly? They’re a UK boyband made up of attractive young men who are very comfortable with nudity. THIS is the kind of marketing all those boybands of days past should have involved themselves in! If N*Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and even NKOTB had dropped trou for photoshoots, they might have remained relevant! Or at the very least gotten on better reality shows.  Here’s McFly in a spread for the UK’s gay magazine Attitude. It’s rare to see young musicians savvy enough (or with managers savvy enough) to know baring their hot bods for the gays could win them a whole new fanbase. It’s even rarer to see guys with tattoos looking so…cutesy.

p.s. Apparently we ran these pics before (they’re actually from last summer), but these are much better quality for your wank value.

– J. Harvey

For more pics of McFly, Follow the JUMP:

16 thoughts on “McFly Knows How To Advertise

  1. Britain, and Europe collectively, are just more relaxed and open with their bodies than Americans are.  Most beaches there are topless, and a good portion are nude.  Sexuality is not so taboo over there.

    However us over here in the good old USA seem to think nudity is something to hide, that its shameful. 

    Bravo to these hot British lads for showing their very well toned bodies in an artistic and playful photoshoot.

  2. Yes, you did post these last year. But it’s good to see them again. North Americans still have a lot to learn from Europeans in terms of dealing with their bodies and sexuality. And that goes for Canadians too. They always think they’re more openminded than Americans, but not that much.

  3. Love the position and the facial expression of the guy on the left in the photo before the jump.  What did the photographer tell him exactly–brace yourself on this dresser and give me a look like a guy’s about to shove his dick up your ass?!?

  4. Aren’t they all too cute and too buff and too comfortable being naked with each other to be straight?

  5. If I see one more tacky, STAR tattoo I’m gonna *&^#@!

    Show some imagination guys !!!!

  6. Yeah, because all of the jackasses who disliked nudity came here and colonized the place.

  7. I don’t care what their music is like – I’m a fan of them. This sort of un-brand/bling direct sell works for me

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