15 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About RuPaul’s Drag U?

  1. actually i think the comment was about the girl’s bf borrowing her clothes(because they’re so masculine), not the other way around

  2. I watched it last night. I don’t know if it was just my mood at the time, but it really didn’t hold my interest. I found myself paying more attention to you (Manhunt) then the TV.

  3. I liked it for what it was. Draq Queen For A Day!
    Not as good as drag race but fun enough. I think it’s more for straight women than gay men to be honest.

  4. To answer the question –

    BORING! Degrading, infantile and plain silly.

    Such a waste of RuPaul’s talent. Come on, LOGO, you can certainly come up with better programming, afterall, some of Hollywood’s best writing talent is “family.”

  5. Great concept. The only flaw: Camp finally over the top. In this case, less would have been more…………

  6. I think it’s just an excuse to get our favorite queens back, and I’m 100% ok with that

    I would have preferred if the show were about teaching new drag queens the ropes I would have been there taking notes!

  7. I think the show would be better with less “personal story/struggle” — and should include a “realness” competition. Have the women compete in looks that they could actually wear/put together on a daily basis, in addition to a “drag” look.

  8. I thought it was pretty good. I loved how all these normal people who seemed to be from the flyover states made drag seem like no big deal. I know my dad would have a fit if my Mom dressed up like and spent two days with drag queens. My one big issue is that Ru was in a suit the whole time. If he is preaching the drag he should come out for the runway just like in Drag Race. Overall it was fun, and I can’t help but imagine these normal people’s families watching the show in their own homes, and having their minds expanded.

  9. i think “Drag U” would have been a better show if it was taking Drag Queen Wannabes and teaching them how to do it.

  10. i kinda hated only seeing 3 of the drag queens at a time working on the 3 contestants, but other than that, this show is really endearing.

  11. I was surprised by how entertained I was by this. I agree with the earlier poster that my one complaint was that I felt Ru should have some out in drag for the “Draguation.”

  12. My friends and I made fun of how Drag was put in front of ANY word in the show to make it fit. This is not a Dragocracy it is a dragtation and I am the dragtator. I found it entertaining and the “fights” between the girls obviously showing the women how to be powerful was funny. Is it AMAZING no but it was very entertaining and I do plan to watch more of it.

  13. Not wasting my time watching this stuff (Logo’s original content is really getting desperate). I worked with enough drag queens during my stripping days; these guys need help.

  14. I actually found the real women a little hard to watch, they were not nearly as interesting as the Drag U faculty. I also feel like they were going through a lot emotionally, taking some big steps towards life change which is not something frivolous…but to then be graded and possibly fail seems like a harsh and thoughtless way to help someone.

    I still love Ru and his girls though!
    And yeah….”but do you feel like a powerful sausage” has been making me laugh ever since I saw the episode.

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