How About Some Pictures of Adrian Grenier’s Butt?

We’ve already established that you’re not all fans of Adrian Grenier from Entourage, but I’m not gonna lie–I’d still stuff my face in his hairy ass crack. Thankfully, the producers of the show have recognized my celebrity rimjob fantasy, and they’ve opted to help me visualize it. In other words? This bitch showed his butt on the most recent episode.

Sure, his character’s passed out drunk by the side of a pool, but the point here is that he’s totally naked. Just imagine him sober and lying on your bed in the same position. Now imagine that again, only this time he’s all lubed up and ready to go. Do you think you’re ready for this jelly?

– Dewitt

To check out the pics, follow the JUMP:

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(via superherofan)

12 thoughts on “How About Some Pictures of Adrian Grenier’s Butt?

  1. Haven’t we seen this scene in gay porn for the last 20 years. He’s “drunk” and naked by the pool and in come the “str8” guys who are drunk too and next thing you know someone has a dick up their ass. I’m pretty sure that’s where this series was leading…right?

  2. hate entourage, love him and his ass officially. I would have watched just to see this, thankfully you guys are here for me when the good shit happens. I wish he’d get naked in something that I liked so I could actually watch it.

  3. There is something “SO” sexy about his face for me, but the previous and breif shots I’ve seen of his body, do nothing for me…but yeah, I would love to train that hairy butt to love tongue and cock…

  4. I cannot beleive he got the part of the “hot movie star everybody wants to fuck” cause he is so unattractive. Moreover; not one guy on that show is fuckable(Scott Cann for sure but hes not a regular)

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