Hot or Not: Wet Briefs

You walk into your gym’s locker room, stuff your sweaty clothes away and prepare yourself to hit the showers. As you’re trotting down that tiled pathway, you get your first glimpse of him. He’s a smokin’ hot guy with a killer ass, huge biceps and a body to die for… And a pair of sopping wet, translucent white briefs are clinging to his succulent package.

Are you turned on right now? Is there any chance that you’re more turned on than if you had walked in and discovered him naked? Do wet undies turn your crank? Leave a comment with your answers, and be sure to include any juicy details of particular experiences!

If you’re still on the fence about this topic, perhaps this video of Dario Beck will influence your decision. According to his blog, the singing in this clip isn’t some lip-synching bullshit. That’s actually Dario Beck’s voice… But let’s stick to the topic! Do you like the way Dario looks in those soaking tighty whities? Or would you rather see him soaked in another porn star’s jizz?

– Dewitt

Click through to watch Dario Beck sing in his underwear:

1,163 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Wet Briefs

  1. Wow… the boy can sing.  Sounds slightly autotuned, but it’s not bad.

    Certainly better than Zeb Atlas…

  2. Wow, America’s got talent with Dario Beck. If you decide to get into singing instead of doing porn you may have a future.

  3. Wow. He’s so handsome and sexy! It’s too bad the song and his singing are awful. I love it when gay men have zero rhythm. It’s kind of endearing.

  4. Nice build and nice soft voice, but not a lot of range and that’s OK for this type of music.  He’s also cute.

  5. There’s no auto-tune going on here, pal.  Why didn’t you say the film was probably photo-shopped too and call the whole thing phony?  The guy has a nice voice (not great), a hot body, a great cock if you’ve seen him naked, shows a fun personality here…what’s not to like?  And the wet briefs are pretty damn sexy too.

  6. Wet white briefs are HOT, especially on the right guy.  And Dario fits the bill nicely.  He can sing to me while I peel those briefs off of him.

  7. He can bossa nova his way right over to my house. But showering in your underwear is just stupid, unless there’s someone else there to take it off.

  8. What brand of tight whites?  I want a pair of those to wear in the shower with some soap and warm water flowing!

  9. I’m a professional singer, and I can guarantee you that his voice is altered slightly, whether auto-tuned or just digitized slightly, which is completely appropriate to the style of the song and the trends of contemporary music, but he would sound just fine without the added tech, and he certainly looks just fine and that’s all I’m worried about!

  10. Dario is  one handsome sexy man  –   I   love wet  undies  and   if  you  can see  that  beautiful hunk  of  man hood   through the  material   I  am  hard as a rock.  This man  made me   very hard.  His singing  was awesome  and  his   moves were  so    horny.   I wish    he would  sing that to  me.   WOW!!!!!!!

  11. Mark..ur comment was a bit harsh mate…the is handsome and can carry a tune. Take ur mind away from his cock for a while and concentrate on his other assets.

  12. I thought that was the point of this post.  If you were at the gym and walked into the showers and there was a totally hot guy there but he was showering in his briefs…would you think he was hot!?  Hell no!  If being totally naked in a locker room freaks you out so badly, then shower at home.  You just look like a big goob wearing your underwear in the shower.
    Now a model doing a shoot in a shower in wet briefs is totally hot.

  13. Wet cotton stretches and sags which isn’t flattering on anyone. If you’re going to model wet cotton tighty-whities in a video, at the gym, or where ever, go with a size smaller than you usually wear

  14. Well there is no denying how sexy he is dancing around like that and how much I want to rip those wet undies off of his sexy body BUT seeing a guy wearing underwear in the shower AT A GYM just says that he’s got issues. That being said, I love undies…wet white ones especially so that you can see a nice outline of cock and ass.

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