Gay Ass Gossip: Rachel Zoe Who?

ITEM – Cute-ass Brad Goreski broke away from that desiccated gila monster Rachel Zoe and started his own styling business. And like all humans who have appeared on a Bravo reality show and managed to make audience members remember at least their name, they gave him his own show! It’s a Brad, Brad World (clever) premieres next week and here’s the trailer. He’s adorable. I sure as hell couldn’t fit into any of the clothes he’s throwing on people, but window shopping is fun, too. Oh, and he just got named as an exclusive brand stylist for Kate Spade. Go Brad. Just take your clothes off a little more often.

– J. Harvey

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ITEM – Remember how we wrote about actor Taylor Kinney back in August? Of course you don’t, neither do I. But I did a search and found his ass! His HOT ass! Anyway, he was the stud Lady Gaga hired to co-star in her “You And I” vid. There were rumors at the time that the two were hitting it. It looks to be true, as the first pics of them hanging out and doing the couples snuggling while walking thing have hit the net.

Seriously, that’s it. Couple walking. But he’s smokin’, so it counts as news around these here parts.


Here’s the poster for Zac Efron‘s next flick, The Paperboy. Yeah, that’s Nicole Kidman eyeing his ass up, Matthew McConaughey wondering if he left the iron on in the background, and John Cusack in eye makeup on the bottom. Wow – nice arm, huh? And nice everything else.

6 thoughts on “Gay Ass Gossip: Rachel Zoe Who?

  1. I would pay $12 to watch Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron simulate sex on the big screen.  Zac is all kinds of hot and Nicole has always been one of those women I would (temporarily) switch teams for.

  2. Wow, Nicole Kidman is sort of looking like Ann Margaret in that poster.  Looks like a flick that will draw a huge gay audience.  And Taylor Kinney???  Whoa!  Smokin’ hot boy, and Brad Goreski is cute and hot…til he opens his mouth and starts sounding like Tim Gunn.  Yuk!  That kind of shit gives our peeps a bad name.  Why do gay guys have to talk like that?  I’ve been gay all my life and don’t talk like that, and anytime I had a gay lover who talked like that, he didn’t last too long, ’cause he talked like that.  Sorry if I’m offending anyone who talks like that, but why do you talk like that?  Every time I see Tim Gunn on that travel ad where he says “Major wow factor,” I want to puke.

  3. I never understood the fascination with Zac Efron, but as he has grown up, and filled out, I think I’m starting to get it. I’ll take the man he’s becoming over the boy he was any day.

  4. Who knew underneath those horrible pink suits Brad is rockin’ a hot bod?  And like the others, then there’s “when he opens his mouth and purses come flying out” ….

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