Aural Only: NKOTBSB

Feeling nostalgic for the ’90s heyday of boy bands and bubblegum pop? Here’s a collaboration between the Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block. Prepare to feel old as you remember secretly loving when your older sister blasted “Hangin’ Tough” on her boombox. Or that time you sang “I Want It That Way” at karaoke (which was probably last weekend).

This is essentially the perfect marriage of modern-day dance pop and ol’ school boy band cheesiness. Keep in mind, we didn’t say it’s actually any good. It almost feels like a 2Gether-esque parody of a real song by either of the groups. Take note of the “sexy voice” that occurs during the bridge.

– Dewitt

To listen to “Don’t Turn Off The Lights”, follow the JUMP:

426 thoughts on “Aural Only: NKOTBSB

  1. Where are the remaining members of N’Sync? lol. I will give them credit they are trying really really hard to stay relevant.

  2. Did anyone else notice that the mash-up of NKOTBSB could stand for New Kids On the Backstreet Boys? Like boyband names need to be gayer.

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