Hot Flash: Rafa Borges’ “Sunday Morning”

“Hot Flash” is always a nice feature to write. It’s like the elegant corner of Manhunt Daily, in which we exhibit the work of a talented photographer and allow our readers to experience his or her talent in depicting striking male models. It’s our online art museum.

Ok, we won’t break out the finger sandwiches just yet. Every one of our “Hot Flash” photoshoots contains a hot guy that at least SOME of you out there are going to picture fucking. For example, Di Lucerda here. Rafa Borges’ “Sunday Morning” renders his model Di in rich black & white. As we follow Lucerda and his cock outline (check the balcony pics) around the apartment, we don’t know whether to admire Borges’ composition or Di’s hot body. It’s the very definition of art (J. Harvey <—– took art class in eighth grade)!

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Rafa Borges

For more of “Sunday Morning”, Follow the JUMP:

38 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Rafa Borges’ “Sunday Morning”

  1. total hottie…luv the bod, the look and face fur…and for those that dont like MY opinion…fuck off

  2. The guy is smokin hot, but what I find strange is with such a full beard that he’s otherwise completely hairless … which honestly is a crime against nature.

  3. lol…and that proves the point…look at the pictures above…HOT man…had others not wanting to post their idea on the pics but on my opinions…and that my friend is all this is…opinions…enjoy the pics…

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