Have You Ever: Been On Your Knees For Several Men?

Bukkake: a group sex act portrayed in pornographic films, in which several men take turns ejaculating on a man or woman. That’s the definition according to Wikipedia, though the article seems to treat it as if it’s something that doesn’t happen in real life. Let’s be honest! Some of you horny sluts have tried this. Potentially, more than once…

Of course, today’s question isn’t technically about bukkake. It reads, “Have you ever been on your knees for several men?” Cum doesn’t need to be part of the equation, and we’ll define “several” as more than two. So what do you say? What’s the greatest number of men you’ve blown at one time?

– Dewitt

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20 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Been On Your Knees For Several Men?

  1. About 10 yrs ago I went to a Sex party at a Hotel. No one was really doing anything, but stroking there cocks. I knew I wasn’t leaving there w/ out suckin off at least one dick! So I started w/ the Host an sucked off all 8 guys. They stood in a line when they saw what I wanted, and I just went down the line suckin each one off. It was sooo Fuckin Hot. One of the guys I sucked off ..as he started to leave, said ” I have never seen anyone that liked Cum as much as you”! That was a total compliment to me! I’ll never forget that nite.

  2. At a long-since-closed sex club in DC.  Wound up in a barbers chair, getting fed from both ends & everyone watching came up & shot the loads all over me.  It was hot as hell.

  3. this one is on my bucket list, to have a group of bear-type men shoot their loads on my face and chest, while getting sucked off… oh boy, gotta go… somethings come up  🙂

  4. who is that hot darker skinned guy? I think the flag on his side is Romanian?
    *drools* 🙂

  5. Hell yes !! – on several occasions – I’ve been told I give the best head ever, so I’m always welcomed with open zippers at group parties – it IS my favorite thing to do – makes me crazy to feel a group of guys unload down my throat – f**k buddies take me to bars and private parties just to watch me service everyone.

  6. modeled as a nude model for a gay men’s drawing class. The guy in charge asked me if I would like to stick around afterwards… I had five sexy men of all shapes and sizes shoot all over my face while different guys in the group took turns fucking me. So incredibly hot…I got invited back next week for more fun.

  7. Have loved doing this since college when taken to a beer blast/frat party the ‘after’ party was a bunch of us hangin in the basement finishing the keg. Buckets were set up to allow for more guys to piss in when one bathrrom was occupied. Standing there with three other guys waiting with dicks in hand, it got frisky at some point and somebody dared to see who had the biggest cock. I volunteered to measure and b4 I knew it, was on knees suking and jacking about 6-7 guys. I wanted in the frat, and was horny, and loved sucking dicks.Not long after, two guys released thier loads to much fanfare and I was spunked, to realize I liked the feeling of it,one hot n runny, the other cool n very thick. Guys cumming make more guys cum and I never moved while the rest lined up to bust thier loads onto me. I was hooked and got lots of invites for two more years but did not pledge the frat,just to keep sucking for more bukkake.

  8. Totally dark room. Took 4 or 5 guys’ loads. Jaw was fucking sore afterwards, so settled for some pain redistribution – good thick hard long cock 🙂

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