Hot Flash: Edward Scott

This past weekend, hairy porn star Bruno Bond made our Christmas dreams come true by posting a few dangerously sexy shots of himself. When we were done jerking off to his hot cock and fuzzy ass cheeks, we mustered up enough energy to click through to the photographer’s website. This led to even more jerking off.

Edward Scott is a self-proclaimed “eternal voyeur” with an extreme fondness for public nudity. Most likely, you could find him snapping pictures at events like the Folsom Street Fair, though he’s been known to stage shoots with adult stars and various amateur models. He’s also a bit of an exhibitionist, which you might be able to tell from these first few pics.

If you’re digging Edward’s style, be sure to check out more of his work at San Francisco Public Nudity and the Direct Desire Project.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Edward Scott

To check out more of this photographer’s work, follow the JUMP:

Click for larger view.


46 thoughts on “Hot Flash: Edward Scott

  1. I find Bruno Bond to be sexy, attractive, and hot. I find hairy men to be sexy. Looking at his hairy ass makes my cock hard. I would love to spend New Year’s Eve with Bruno in my Washington, DC condo. He’s the type of man I would love to just snuggle up with by the fire place.

  2. Edward Scott’s self portraiture is amazing and extremely creative. I first saw his work via “‘ Try State Magazine” (art journal out of NYC)- both of us were featured in the last issue. I love the stuff he comes up with. It’s always thoughtful, great color, crop, framing, etc.
    Check out Try State:

    Now about the image of Bruno Bond on the sofa. Whoa! Doesn’t get much better than this, sports fans! And thanks for checking out the images of the furball I shot a while back (my link).

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