Top or Bottom: Dan

The latest contestant in our Top or Bottom series goes by the name of Dan, and you don’t have to tell him twice that he’s a bigger guy. “I know I may not be every man’s type,” he wrote to us in an e-mail. “But trust me–I can and have had hot sex with men that would make others jealous. I’m not afraid to be who I am, and I think I can be damn sexy too.”

Dan is extremely proud of his oral talents, and he loves to service a hot guy’s cock and give him “the rim job of his life”. But when it’s time to fuck? We can’t tell you whether he prefers dishing it out or taking it hard. You’ll have to take a guess!

You came close with last week’s contestant Rory. The majority of voters pegged him as a versatile top or versatile bottom, yet a little under eighteen percent correctly identified him as entirely versatile. I’ve updated Rory’s post with a blurb about he’s into, so head over here to read the whole thing.

If you’re an exhibitionist type who’s interested in participating in the next round of Top or Bottom, send me an e-mail with a few pictures, your name or alias, the role you play in the bedroom and a brief note giving us permission to use your pics. We’d prefer that you show your face, but it’s not required to participate in the series. Nudity is both welcome and encouraged, and anonymity is perfectly acceptable. So what are you waiting for? Send us your pics, and show us what you’re working with!

– Dewitt

To check out more pics and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

And a little oral action…

36 thoughts on “Top or Bottom: Dan

  1. what’s with fetishising hideous, out-of-control bodies? Is obesity That desireable in the USA? Shudder!

  2. What’s with all the negativity? If he’s not your type, then move on or say so. The comments about throwing up or calling him names are just ridiculous. In fact, it’s almost as bad as the bullying that we’re all so against. He’s not my cup of tea but I would totally hook him up with some of my friends that would fight over him.

  3. What a bunch of obnoxious queens…

    You realize that this is a real person, right? Someone who probably reads this blog, and all of the nasty little comments you make. If you don’t like how he looks, keep it to your obviously oh-so-perfect selves. And anyone who “throws up a little” after looking at this man’s photos needs to get off the internet; if *this* makes you ill, you clearly can’t handle ANYTHING.

    Oh, and “DallasHotMouth:” On what, exactly, do you base your “total loser” comment? You don’t know this man from Adam. For all you know, he could have a doctorate and a six-figure salary. Judging by the style and (limited) substance of *your* post, however, I can assume that you either flip burgers at McDonalds or fold shirts at Abercloneby.

  4. He’s hot as fuck, and he can eat my ass and suck my uncut cock ANYTIME and I’d happily fuck him. Of course I’m versatile so he can fuck me too if he wants… Oh and he’s Cute!

  5. @Fariasrv; did someone hurt your feelings because you look like the guy in the photo? Your assuming that most of us flip burgers shows your ignorance. There’s nothing wrong with flipping burgers, but I have 2 college Degrees. The guy in the photo knew others would be critical of his looks and size. Obese gay and straight men need loving too, but they will not get it from me. I am sorry, but the guy in the picture naked ass is not a good look. If he looked like Shamar Moore, Boris Kojoe, Eddie Cibrian, and Alex O’Loughlin, he could get all the loving from me between the sheets. Happy New Year to you!

  6. LOL at all the bitchy queens on here,showing why gays cant get their act together:Blackman,shut it.You’re not one bit ‘sorry’ that you insult another person.You have two degrees,then where is your sentence structure(‘guy in the picture naked ass is not a good look’.and ‘Who cares! He doesn’t turn me on or get’s my cock hard. errrrr’..WTF? Ebonics degree no doubt?)
    And a guy named ‘DallasHotMouth’,named after his mama no doubt,wants to call another guy a loser?Whatever…How many dicks have you sucked today?
    Before you denigrate others,remember:You were not always the belle of the balls either.I dont look like this man,BTW,but I find it appealing that he is confident enuf in himself to pose nekkid and be OK with his size.Not everyone can be a size two,Shalb…So be nice,or go be a bitter Betty by yourself.

  7. So naive. The Internet White Knight routine is old. On top of that, you pretty much demonstrated that you really aren’t all that above the people you are condemning.

    But if you’d like you can poke fun at my mathematics degree or my part time job. Or hell, you can go for my screen name if you like.

    Stop stabbing in the dark. You look pedantic doing so.

    The fact is this guy knew he’d be subjected to narrow-minded peoples’ opinions when he signed up for this and most likely has high self-esteem to not think twice about most of these comments. This is MHBlog after all. Rude, offensive, and judgemental posters are a common occurrence.

    Deal with it.

  8. And so I am Rob.It isnt hard to be a decent guy.Everyone is not nice to everyone,I get it.And yes,this ManCunt,lol.And never would I poke fun at education,indeed,if not for education,we would still all be in the closet,and afraid to speak.So why is it a problem for anyone if I am allowed my opinion also?Perhaps we are growing up more callous,but as the one gentleman said:If you dont like the show then keep moving,dont stop to throw tomatoes….Ugliness in manners is just cowardice in disguise.Its my opinion.Take it or leave it.

  9. @GoodGuy; ask your mammy how many dicks have she sucked. Were your feelings hurt because your ass is obesed? Typical of a faggot hiding behind a computer screen talking shit. I can assure you, I am not a Queen and I can back up what I say. I would slap the shit out of you and whip your cracker ass. Now speak in Ebonics on that note you racist piece of shit.

  10. grossest thing i ever saw. seriously, how does anyone let them get into this state? its disgusting and he will die soon because it is so unhealthy

  11. The guy featured is more of an honest representative of a gay male, then these picture perfect, tall, tanned, model gorgeous, muscle heads that is all to frequently found on gay websites.

  12. @Ilg; you make a good point, but in the gay life style, everything is about looking good and have a great body. Sure there are obesed gay and straight men, but gay men tend to watch what they eat and their weight.

  13. You guys are too much. Dan is very hot and very gorgeous to many men. I would snap him up in a second. Lots of us like big men. I understand if you don’t, but just remember, with a big guy there is a lot more to play with, a lot more big butt to get hold of, and a whole lot more to love. Way to go, Dan! BTW what is your email address?

  14. No,apparently its the shallow end of the pool,u rude fucktard.You come on here proclaiming u have 2 degrees,then proceed to act like a common horse’s ass,so I guess u do have two degrees…of assholiness.Piss off!

  15. Lol i really dont think that Dan is the kind of guy who is going to give a fuck what people think of his weight. I actually admire the fact that he had the courage to put his pictures up here on man hunt because we all know that everyone on here loves the “perfect” body type and there is no leaning in either direction. But with that all said, i think Dan is attractive, and i really couldnt give a fuck what anyone else thinks. Bravo Dan!

  16. Reading comprehension is a wonderful thing… what a pity you don’t have that particular skill.

    Was I talking to you? Did I say: “Hey BlackMan, you’re a complete twat. How’s that job at MickyD’s working out for you?” No? Then what crawled up your ass and died?

  17. I’ve got to side with BlackMan on this one particular comment. The gay community puts so much emphasis on body image that this guy is not really the normal or honest representative of most gay men. That being said, neither are the tall, tanned, model meatheads. Most gay men skew towards the smaller side of average and not nearly as big as this guy is. And while he’s not my cup of tea, someone else will drink him up, and obviously has done so based on the pics, so good for them.

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