He’s Gay: Jason Collins

Hey, it happened! A pro athlete came out! His name is Jason Collins and he plays for the Washington Wizards. That’s an NBA team. This makes him the first openly gay player in one of the big sports here in the US. Nice work, Jason. And why did he come out? He tells all in the May 6 issue of Sports Illustrated.

“I wish I wasn’t the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, ‘I’m different,’” he said. “If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I’m raising my hand.”


He also credits the Boston Marathon bombings for inspiring him to dribble that basketball outta the closet. That’s the correct term, right? Dribble? I know you can’t travel. That’s a basketball term.

“Things can change in an instant, so why not live truthfully? I go against the gay stereotype, which is why I think a lot of players will be shocked: That guy is gay? But I’ve always been an aggressive player, even in high school. Am I so physical to prove that being gay doesn’t make you soft? Who knows? That’s something for a psychologist to unravel. My motivations, like my contributions, don’t show up in box scores, and frankly I don’t care about stats. Winning is what counts. I want to be evaluated as a team player.”

Let the floodgates open! I’m looking at you, Tim Tebow.

Ultimately, it’s going to matter very little in the long run. Soon people are gonna be judged on their character and contributions to society as opposed to who they get boned over.



12 thoughts on “He’s Gay: Jason Collins

  1. While I appreciate the fact that so far all the news regarding this issue seems to be either positive or neutral, I find it a little demeaning that the headline on the cover reads “The Gay Athlete.” But at least someone in a major US sport had the courage to come out and live his life truthfully, it’s just a shame that now he might be labeled as :”The Gay Athlete.” lol Kudos to Jason Collins!

  2. Thank you for handling this tastefully, Dewitt, and not also digging up sexy pictures to objectify him with. While I get this is mostly a porn-themed web site, I hope that between the post and our comments we can keep the focus on what Mr. Collins is doing from a social justice standpoint and not debate whether he’s a hot piece of ass or who he could have been boning in the locker room.

  3. Don’t thank me! Thank J. Harvey.

    If this were my post, I’d probably be objectifying him.

  4. Hey, man I think that is great, I believe It’s only takes one guy in professional sports to come out an the rest of the in-closet gays will bust the door wide-open!!!!!!!! Woof Woof.

  5. Interesting he says he “don’t care about stats”. His stats are modest at best, compared to current players at his position (Dwight Howard has 18ppg, Chris Bosh has 19.8). So the question is, is he selling his on

  6. HA! Well it was your name in the info bar beneath the picture and there was no signature, so I assumed you wrote it. I should have known better… 😉

  7. I’m not sure I’d elevate him to the level of “hero”. I’d be even less sure if he’s not offered a contract by a team for next season and then whines that it was because he came out that he didn’t get a new gig.

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