Have You Ever: Given Someone A Lapdance?

It’s time for a confession! Despite my occasionally wild sexual escapades, I’ve never been to a strip club. The only lapdance I’ve ever witnessed was at my high school prom, and it was between our prom queen and some random football player who probably got her pregnant that night…

My ex-boyfriend used to joke about giving me a lapdance, nearly every time he straddled himself over me. He’d grind his ass into me for a few seconds and say something stupid like, “You like that, big boy?” The funny thing was that I did like it, and I never had the balls to tell him to keep going.

Long story short, I’d really like to be on the receiving end of a lapdance. Sure, I could just go to a strip club, but I want to do this behind closed doors. Why? Because I’m way too cheap to pay for it, and it’d be so much better if I could actually fuck my hypothetical stripper.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about you. Have you ever performed a lapdance or striptease for someone? If not, have you ever received a lapdance from a sexual partner? Leave a comment with your best story, and I’ll try my best to live vicariously through you.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Drake Rock

To watch Gavin Waters give Drake Rock a lapdance (and much more), follow the JUMP:

If the above video doesn’t work, watch a free preview over here.

18 thoughts on “Have You Ever: Given Someone A Lapdance?

  1. Hell yeah! I’ve given my fair share of lap-dances and have been told that I was better than most male strippers! Not bad for a church boy!
    And I would rather be on the giving end of a lapdance than receiving. Just like to see the reaction of the guy as I’m busy doing my thing and turning him on.

  2. Have received a few lapdances from guys I was seeing and at stripclubs but have only tried giving one once. The guy I was seeing at the time wanted one but he also wanted me to keep my boots on at the same time. Long story short I was not the epitome of grace that particular evening lol.

  3. My, my, my, i’d like to give my bf a lap dance. You hit the jackpot on the asshole shot, the nice lunch on his ass and the snowballing. God, that was so hot.

  4. Oh yeah! Had a lap dance. Had her baby soft breasts surrounding my face… What? By a guy? Oh! Never mind! Nope never had one by a guy! Dang it!

  5. I have never been on the giving end or receiving end of a lap dance. Dewitt, I’ll give you a lap dance and then you can fuck me. A win/win for us both.

  6. the last guy that offered to give me a lap dance overdosed on insulin… thanks dewitt… >.>

  7. So based upon the pictures, is lapdance code for “bottoming”? Doesn’t look like much dancing going on there…well, verticle dancing anyway. You know they say that “dancing is a verticle expression of a horizontal desire”. I believe that.

  8. I’ve given a few lap-dances in jest, never as a serious thing though, mostly just my straight school-mates from high-school…ah…the best part? They didn’t need booze to be comfortable with it. One even continues to remind me that I owe him one. xD

  9. Although I much rather get a lap dance I’ve have on rare drunken occasion given one . LOL Hal if your bf is as hot as the bottom N this vid I would U have already hit the jack pot !!!

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