Manhunt Daily Wood: Juan Esteban

I’ll admit I don’t know much about the oh-so-sexy Juan Esteban, but I know he is damn hot! Originally from Colombia, Juan has been seen more and more frequently in ad campaigns for underwear companies and in various magazine spreads.

The first picture I saw of this hottie was from Jasz and he was rocking a speedo, from that moment on I knew he would eventually make it as a Wood of the week. Something about this guy just made me want to rub him all over, so naturally I had to share!

– Andy

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23 thoughts on “Manhunt Daily Wood: Juan Esteban

  1. By the way, the correct spelling of the country is Colombia, not Columbia (that’s a district in the US, isn’t it?) and it’s got nothing to do with British Columbia either. Other than that, great pics and beautiful man.

  2. JPH is right! Is COLOMBIA not COLUMBIA! I can’t believe Andy is making such a mistake. Please fix it ASAP!

  3. Indeed, the correct spelling is Colombia; and, having visited there on several occassions, the Colombians do get a little upset if you spell the country name wrong. I have never met Juan in person; but he is indeed a fine example of the handsome sexy Colombian men. If you have the chance, visit at the beaches in Cartagena. If you’re like me, you won’t want to leave for home. The men are absolutely handsome and sexxxy.

  4. I agree…he is completely gorgeous! I would love to lick him from head to toe without missing anything inbetween…woof! I have visited Colombia…Medelin to be exact…I saw the most amazingly attractive men and women walking around there…a beautiful city full of beautiful people!

  5. he exists to be admired and make sweet luv to…repeatedly…those eyes n tite lean muscle sexy bod…damn…

  6. ToddM I have 2 disagree with U & Rob based the old theory that less is best but I will agree with U & Rob is so very HOT N the long shorts 🙂 🙂 🙂

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