We Need to Talk About Maskurbate

This is weird, haunting, and weird.


I keep trying to come up with something I can say about this scene from Maskurbate released the first part of this month, and ending up with nothing. Here’s what the site said about this release:


Unmasked and live, Junior delivers a very sensual performance on Montreal’s Stock bar stage, exclusive for Maskurbate’s members. This scene really puts emphasis on Junior’s muscled body, his athletic attributes and his sexyness…


Which. Yokay. -_-

I guess. That’s not how you spell “sexiness,” but most of the rest of that isn’t accurate either, so maybe it’s nbd.  Here’s how I would have written that description:

“This is a disturbing scene in which Junior spends several minutes doing fun stripper tricks, and then proceeds to sort of ambiently masturbate towards a completely empty venue, while seemingly drugged or hypnotized. The music adds another layer of creepation to this joyless, smileless, hybrid of a jack off clip and snuff film. If you can get your nutt to this scene, one can only assume it’s because you never looked at the face or eyes of this model who seems uncomfortable and unsure of what he’s meant to be doing, thinking, or conveying. If David Lynch directed a solo scene, this is what it would feel like:”



In fact, this clip actually shares some sort of emotional/visual soul with the Club Silencio scene from Lynch’s Mulholland Drive:



I don’t know what to tell you about this. I like Maskurbate, generally, and this guy is pretty hot. This was just creepy and strange. Maybe flip back and watch this scene instead?

I don’t know. I need to think about something else for a while.


– tyler


9 thoughts on “We Need to Talk About Maskurbate


    I have thought since I was a teenager looking at porn *~illegally~* that maskurbate was the weirdest thing out there. Not necessarily because of what it is rather, it’s popularity, or rather it’s published popularity. At 16 when you get a boner on the bus ride home from school and I couldn’t get off to that has got to say something right? Being 24 now (and well the T (bus) might still give me that awkward public boner) and having seen a lot worse in real life and online can we just agree that this fetish isn’t even that good and promote something else….say like man smells or the guy at work you want to fuck? no? just me? ok.

  2. Well I’m a bit older then you Jack but I totally agree that in the pantheon of fetishes guys wearing masks is pretty low for me

  3. am I the only one who noticed this guy has a huge zit on his stomach as he shoots his load at the end? don’t you think if you were filming something like this you would make sure you didn’t have any or the camera angle didn’t show it

  4. It’s not Maskurbate, especially. This was just a really super strange setup and scene. I actually rather like what they’ve become lately, which is just sort of generally sex-positive, hot guy jack off stuff. The mask element has sort of been abandoned in a lot of their new updates.

    But I’m very open to ideas on how to talk about man smells here. Or Idk… send me pictures of that dude you wanna fuck at work lol.

    I think there’s worth in both the high fantasy stuff and the real-life, getting pounded in the restroom at the movies stuff.

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