Guys In Sweatpants Has A New Austin Wilde Scene!

The exclamation point is because Austin Wilde porn scenes have become akin to sighting an Amur leopard! Or Nick Sterling! Very rare! I thought Austin Wilde was semi-retired or something. But no – he’s got a new scene up at his personal porn studio site – Guys In Sweatpants. And he’s still got it. He’s still got it, and he’s giving it to one of the twinkle-verse’s brightest stars – Logan Cross. Logan is to be commended for fitting Austin’s cock all the way into his tight little butt. Austin – keep shooting scenes – so I can post about them – so you can create more. And I can keep on posting about them. KEEP THE AUSTIN WILDE CIRCLE OF LIFE GOING.

Click here to slide into Guys In Sweatpants for more of the return of Austin Wilde.

Michael Xavier

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