Kaden Dean Is Fucking Logan Cross For Guys In Sweatpants

Kaden Dean answered “Logan Cross” when Guys in Sweatpants asked him what kind of guy he wanted to fuck. Guess what happened? Kaden is versatile, but after spending a nice amount of time with Logan face down ass up on the bed tongue fucking him, he slid his cock in him, and put a good […]

Guys In Sweatpants: Leo Luckett And Logan Cross Use Coconut Oil

If you’ve ever thought about getting barebacked with coconut oil, Leo and Logan back it 100% over the best lubes out there! If you’ve never thought about it, maybe you are now. I know I am. Once all that talk was done, these two devoured each other from head to toe. No hole or cock […]

Twink Tank: Logan Cross And Xavier Ryan

We’ve had a serious drought of twinks around these parts lately. Logan Cross and Xavier Ryan are here to fix that! These two bubble butt boys take a serious liking to each other during a tickle fight. Before Xavier knows it, Logan is spreading his perky cheeks to expose his cute lil’ starfish. And plunge […]

Huge Cocks: Spit-Roasting Logan Cross

Guys In Sweatpants has a gift for Lil’ Logan Cross. Well, TWO gifts to be specific. DICKS! They’re attached to Drake and Alex and Logan’s about to receive them simultaneously. Despite his small stature, Logan takes those two dicks like a champ. And then he nonchalantly slurps up the cum that’s left behind to decorate […]

Twink Tank: Colton James Has A Load For Logan Cross

It’s twink time! It feels like FOREVER since we highlighted the boyish types exploring their sexuality together. That’s a nice way to type that these dudes are fucking each other like animals and they’re fairly young, so they’ve got STAMINA. I am no longer in my 20s and I can go quite a few times […]

Baseball, Election, Leather and Motocross: 7Qs With Dallas Steele

“I like to fuck my partner so hard they can’t help but shoot a massive load.” Oh, be still my heart. Dallas Steele just became a Titan exclusive just a minute ago and he’s already one of my favorites.  He’s got a live show coming up tonight (that you can find out more about here […]

Three’s Company: Damien Crosse Gets Voyeuristic With Paddy O’Brian & Theo Ford

Imagine your boyfriend, husband or trusted sexual partner placing a blindfold over your eyes and provides you with one, singular rule—“do as I say”. With your vision snatched away, you feel a pair of strong, unfamiliar hands massaging your shoulders. Your partner starts caressing you as well, moving in for a kiss and then pushing […]

Let’s Get Kinky: Toe Sucking With Preston Steel & Logan Stevens

Licking another man’s feet does not drive me crazy the same way it does for other folks. I may have mentioned this in the past. While I’ve been known to pop a toe (or two) into my mouth while fucking a guy on his back, it’s rarely ever provided me an erotic high that goes […]

Exclusive Interview With Logan Lynn

Logan Lynn’s musical career has been a roller coaster ride from the very beginning. From his first professional music effort at 17, a mixtape, that ended up causing him to stay off the stage due to stage fright, to climbing back into the spotlight with a little help from The Dandy Warhols, his passion for […]