Jaxton Wheeler Done Found His Niche

And it’s rough fuckin’.


The previous installments of Bromo‘s He Likes It Rough series were pretty on point with what I like. But this one is a bit over the top, even for my weird tastes. I can’t fault Jaxton Wheeler, though who seems to have really found himself a role here that he can play better than I’ve ever seen him do anything else: borderline fantasy rapist. That’s not really hyperbole:



Like that was ROUGH as shit! I was ready to duck out after that jackhammer shit but then he taped him to that 2×4 and used it as a brace to pound Alexander Motogazzi (that name!) even more unmercifully! Damn, Jaxton!


I’d be a big liar if I said It wasn’t hot though. It’s just not the sort of thing I feel great about liking after I shoot. You sort of sit there with jizz all over your legs/arm going “ew… why did I jack off to that? That was… Yikes.


Bromo_HeLikesItRoughAndRaw_Part4_1E7A1169 Bromo_HeLikesItRoughAndRaw_Part4_1E7A1097 Bromo_HeLikesItRoughAndRaw_Part4_1E7A0972 Bromo_HeLikesItRoughAndRaw_Part4_1E7A0935 Bromo_HeLikesItRoughAndRaw_Part4_1E7A0907 Bromo_HeLikesItRoughAndRaw_Part4_1E7A0871


You can (and should – sorry better judgement) watch this whole scene over at Bromo.com. And you should also check out this and this part of this series because they’re good and not quite as rapey as this one.


– tyler

3 thoughts on “Jaxton Wheeler Done Found His Niche

  1. If Jaxton’s niche is hard, rough, dominating, sex and a no-nonsense top-man, I’m all for it! This handkerchief thing and that beautiful hairy chest all shaved? Makes me very, very sad. I hope this isn’t a normal future look for him.

  2. JW should keep the body hair and cut the hair on his head. His tight curls don’t look good long. And whats with the bandana? Does he have a massive pimple that he doesn’t want us to see? I don’t like his beautiful gap-toothed face covered up. Seriously, I love this handsome guy. But he has a bizarre style.

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