10 Toys that Made You Gay

Remember when you were younger and saw a toy on TV that you really
wanted and begged your mom in hopes that she would buy your latest object of obsession? Well, Liquid Generation compiled a list of the top 10 toys that were SO gay that you'd had to be queer if you wanted them. Check out the video and afterwards give mom a call and say "thanks". She must have been able to see what was waiting for you over the rainbow.

I bet I know which toy Zachary Quinto wanted as a child. I'm pretty sure that a young Zachary begged his mom for an Oozinator. Don't believe me? Check this out.

– Andy

5 thoughts on “10 Toys that Made You Gay

  1. #1 was just too much for me haha! i mean really, that just screams “shower me with jizzism”.
    most of those toys i dont even remember. like i was probably a newborn when that crap came out.. they shud make a 90s list…

  2. The Jizz Squirter…That’s funny!!
    But I wouldn’t have called Underoos a toy, Maybe ‘Toy’ wrapper…

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