The Ten: A Third Week On Top For Benjamin Godfre

Fun fact! You don’t need more than ten words to “describe” the contestants on The Ten, our weekly countdown of the sexiest men. People only care about the pictures. We learned this last week when Dewitt (also known as “me”) decided to be lazy before his vacation. Now we’ve decided it should be a Manhunt Daily tradition. Who needs all those words? Let’s just look at dicks, butts and oiled-up torsos…

On that note, we were surprised to see you dismissed Jeremy Rowback, upon discovering that every inch of his body is available for viewing on the internet (see his “serviced” scene now on Chaos Men). Sadly, he isn’t the only loss on today’s charts. We’re also forced to say goodbye to Ian Nelson Foster, Tom the Carpenter, Kenzie Roth and Sami Alliot.

So how does this game work? We’re glad that you asked! Each week, we’ll feature ten extremely sexy men to choose from. You can vote for up to two of these studs, and only the five with the greatest amount of votes will move on to the next round. The remaining five slots will be filled the following week by men who you’ve suggested, as well as a handful of hotties selected by your favorite bloggers (that would be us).

To keep things interesting, each participant will be retired after ten weeks on the charts. They have the opportunity of returning in the future, provided that they produce another hot video, photo shoot or anything worthy of a Manhunt Daily post.

Now let’s forget about the rules for a second and focus on what really matters–who should be on top next week? You have until next Tuesday to pick your two favorite guys, so hop to it and make your vote count!

– Dewitt

To view this week’s rankings and cast your vote, follow the JUMP:

1. BENJAMIN GODFRE (LW – 1, W4): What would you do if you found him tied up?

2. TIM BAIRD (LW – 6, W2): Pretty motherfucker on a beach. What’s not to like here?

3. BEN BROWN (LW – 2, W5): Your stiff cock. Your hungry ass. Get on my dick.

4. CHUCK RYAN STROGISH (LW – 5, W6): Hairy chest or smooth chest? Whichever way, we’ll take it.

5. RUSTY (LW – 10, W2): Your best feature is visible from the front and back.

6. SYD BRISBANE (DEBUT): Lift your legs higher, please. You need to be fucked.

7. HEITOR SPIRANDELLI (DEBUT): The slutty lollipop pose! Somebody has an oral fixation, eh?

8. BO ROBERTS (DEBUT): Future number one. Not that we have opinions or anything.

9. JUSTIN H. SMITH (DEBUT): That scruff’s working for you. Put it on my taint.

10. BEAU WARNER (DEBUT): Huge bodybuilder. Your balls need to be in my face.

19 thoughts on “The Ten: A Third Week On Top For Benjamin Godfre

  1. Nice selection but most of them look a bit too smug in knowing they look hot –
    Tim looks great the best in pictures – in trunks (and yellow ones!) but still looks sexier than the fully nude guys.

  2. I just don’t know who to vote for!!!! 2 6 8 and 10, i am so conflicted!!!! can’t I just have them all?

  3. It’s about time you’ve got some hot bods WITHOUT freakin’ tattoos!!!  I’m sick to death of them!!!!!

  4. That was the easiest edition of the ten ever. Scruff plus muscle = yes, please. Justin and Beau can come over and play any time…

  5. What would I do if I found Benjamin Godfre tied up? How about “Gee dude, don’t know who tied you to that tree but good fucking luck.” And then just walk away.

  6. lol I think I’d do the same, but first I’d eat his ass for a little bit to get him turned on, and then walk away for  ;-P

  7. Wait, what?!  How did Jeremy Rowback NOT make this week’s list?!  I’m not sure I’ve ever been as disappointed with the readers of Manhunt Daily as I am right now.

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