Quickie: Maurice Salib

File this man under “beautiful as all fuck”. For real, guys! Maurice Salib is on some Zac Efron or Darren Criss level of prettiness. You could roll him around in a heaping pile of garbage, and he’d still look like he walked directly off the set of a Katy Perry music video.

Oh, and before anyone else says it, we’re going to beat you to the punch. We’d like to nominate Maurice for next week’s edition of The Ten. If he doesn’t make it past the first round, we’ll be convinced that there’s no justice in the world and you’re all visually impaired. Just kidding about that last part. Your eyes are fine! However, if you don’t appreciate Mr. Salib at least from a purely aesthetic standpoint, you might want to visit your optometrist. Do you get what I’m saying? You don’t have to be attracted to him, but just admit it—he’s fucking pretty.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Shots By Gun

To see more of Maurice Salib, follow the JUMP:

By John Flick:

By Andrea Mackey:

45 thoughts on “Quickie: Maurice Salib

  1. Of course he’s pretty..he’s how old? 18? 21? a lot of blokes are ‘pretty’ at that age,Hell, even I was pretty at that age & that was close on 30 years ago…Question is,how well will he age?…Or won’t that matter in gayworld once he hits his 30’s and beyond?,cause gayworld will have moved on to the next Pretty Young Thing..

  2. Brazilian Men are the BEST, they are Erotic and Skilled Lovers! You haven’t been Laid till you’ve had one. No I’m not Brazilian, but I’ve had several lovers that were. True Masculine Beauty.

  3. he is beautiful…. it is interesting how much a model can change depending on the photographer… the first two did a wonderful job, the last one, not so great, though we get to see a more boyish side of him….

  4. Are you friggin’ kidding me?  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  Those eyes, those lips.  (Fortunately they are enchanting enough to distract me from the racial essentialization above.)

  5. The photos by John Flick are much more masculine and more appealing to me personally. The other shots (by Gun and Mackey) are a little feminine looking –especially with the hand draped to the face or neck. These pics remind me of something Tyra Banks would do with her female ATM models. Remember SMIZE? Smiling with your eyes? The boy does have beautiful eyes!!

  6. STUNNING EYES!!!!!…..For those of you who don’t like him. Leave him to me I’d have no problem taking care of him in my bed for weeks on end…..HOTT and SEXXXY!!!!!!

  7. a beautiful yg man…body, smile and those incredible eyes…please, this Christmas, give me the gift that will keep on giving and getting…this sexy man…

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