Fuck, Marry, Block: Summer Movie Men

Yes, the summer movie season has just begun. But we thought playing FMB with three leading men from most successful movies so far this summer would be fun. We’ve got Manhunt Daily favorite – Mr. Bradley Cooper from The Hangover 2, newcomer Chris O’Dowd who plays the Irish cop that romances Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids and Chris Hemsworth aka Thor.

We know that some of you will automatically “Block” Mr. O’Dowd’s (hypothetical) profile on Manhunt seeing as he isn’t exactly the model material of Hemsworth/Cooper. But he’s got a sweet face and he’s reportedly getting a ton of marriage proposals on Twitter since his breakout role in Bridesmaids. Give him a chance! Let us know your decisions in the comments section!

– J. Harvey

For more pics of our summer movie men, Follow the JUMP:

Bradley Cooper

Chris O’Dowd

Chris Hemsworth

23 thoughts on “Fuck, Marry, Block: Summer Movie Men

  1. Fuck Chris H.
    Marry Bradley
    Block Chris O.

    Gave him a chance, but unfortunately the total “body” of work means that Chris H. and Bradley are fighting for the first two slots almost by default.

  2. You didn’t pick very good pics of O’Dowd.
    I had to google image him just to remember how cute he is.

    With that said:
    Block Hemsworth
    Fuck Bradley Cooper until no end
    Then Marry Chris O’Dowd

  3. Fuck Chris O
    Marry Chris H
    Block Bradley

    Chris O’Dowd was great in Bridesmaids. Kristin’s character got to fuck him and Jon Hamm. I’m jealous.

  4. Block Bradley (just so I can play hard to get)
    Fuck Bradley
    Marry Bradley
    (and fuck the rules!)

  5. Fuck Cooper’s ass all night
    Marry O’Dowd
    Block Hemsworth because he’s weird looking

  6. I know I might get shit for this but if I had to is rather not block anyone but that’s not the game so. Fuck Chris Aka Thor I love the idea of fucking a Scandinavian god. Marry Chris O’Dowd love love love him in his other stuff he does too and finally block Cooper he gorgeous but that’s just the way my cookie crumbles.

  7. Marry Cooper (the humor and killer smile are something I would kill to wake up to every morning)
    Fuck Hemsworth (the man has an amazing body and, like cooper, has an irresistable charm. Id marry him if cooper werent on the list… Lol)
    Block ODowd (cute guy, but no comparison to quite possibly the most charming guys in hollywood now)

  8. Definitely fuck Chris Hemsworth, and hope he fucks me too
    Marry Chris O’Dowd, that man is freaking funny and I bet he’s uncut and a great cuddler
    Block Bradley Cooper, he’s kind of a douche

  9. Chris O looks kinda cute but I admit I haven’t seen anything he’s been in, so I don’t know him. Potential Marry.

    Bradley is an easy Block for me. So, I’m glad you guys like him so much.

    Based on the pics (and SHORT-hair only), Chris H looks the hottest. So, Fuck him.

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