Secret Sex: John Travolta

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Upon seeing the TV spot for From Paris With Love, I thought to myself, "Who the hell is that hot bald dude with the goatee? I would sit on his face in a second!" I was getting more worked up as the ad went along… and then I found out he was John Travolta. Really? At this moment, I thought I had made a mistake in thinking he looked attractive, so I looked up some stills to make sure. Yup, still hot.

I'm not sure how they did it, but the people behind this film have actually managed to make John Travolta look hot. Though I have no desire to actually have sex with him, I really want to have sex with this character Charlie Wax. He looks like the type of guy who'd give it to you rough, barking orders as you go along. Can we just pretend that he's not John Travolta in real life?

– Dewitt

To watch the trailer for From Paris With Love, follow the JUMP:

4 thoughts on “Secret Sex: John Travolta

  1. How could you not recognize him as John Travolta, lol? His face has barely changed since his Sweathog days.
    He has been getting consistently hotter over the years, but I’m still just not that into him.

  2. To quote Cleveland from Family Guy “Oh that’s naaaaaaaaaaaasty.” And that’s coming from someone who usually enjoys all the woofy/daddy types you post.

  3. The only Travolta worth doing was in STAYING ALIVE. How he could get his body that hot and just let it go? Are you listening Mr. Sheen??

  4. i guess if it were a different person, mr. travolta would be more popular.
    *i* certainly like his look, here — some Daddy Lovers can envision themselves being tag-teamed by he and bruce willis: Double Baldies.

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