Quickie: Ludi Lin

The only thing wrong with featuring Ludi Lin in this post is that we could only find FOUR pics! Screw you, model gods! This gorgeous man needs to be photographed a helluva lot more!

Ludi is an actor and model. In addition, he appears to be proficient in capoeira. That’s the Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, dancing, and acrobatics. When I put on my Inspector Gadget hat and went a’huntin’ for more pics of Mr. Lin, this video came up. That COULD be him flipping his hot body around and pulling off death-defying feats.

If that’s him, it means that he is incredibly agile as well as being hot and jacked. If given the chance I will do exactly what his belt buckle says to him.

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Daseekah.com

For some more pic of Ludi Lin, Follow the JUMP:

55 thoughts on “Quickie: Ludi Lin

  1. If you like effete gay boys who make duckface at the camera and use a ton of photoshop in addition to a ton of makeup,  then, this is the guy for you.   
    Funny thing is, Ludi Lin probably has the words “masc-acting” all over his Manhunt profile. 

  2. I don’t normally go for oriental guys, BUT HE IS HOT,the first pic he looks like he got a decent package there mmmmmm would like to see more!!

  3. Who are you to judge the subject based on how the PHOTOGRAPHER set up the shoot? Cripes, sometimes comments like yours (which are far too common) make me think you believe models just walk around all day while not in studio making silly faces and wearing odd clothing.

    He’s a super sexy and gorgeous man, just appreciate that.

  4. looks like his smile has been surgically enhanced.  The smile in the first pic has a disturbing similarity to Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the Batman movie

  5. I love all this stuff about race.

    When I talk to men I find they’re often attracted to opposites.

    My dark skinned Fijian friend likes white guys, esp. blondes, with big dicks

    My dark hairless mates on manhunt go for furry and white

    Islanders go for Caucasians

    I tried to explore some of these in my novel “Safe in My Lovers Arms”

    Tell us what you like, call it what you like. Call me an older white guy, I dont give a toss if you open up for me…
    Hugs and peace guys

  6. I agree, DAK23. Such broad statements made on here purely by looking at FOUR pics! Wow. Such insight……..
    This man is hot!

  7. so he has dimples really close to the corners of his mouth, please those are kissable lips, and if the queens on here would quit offering ‘shade’ and respext beauty in and of itself, maybe the ‘nasty’ comments would stop.  but then those who are catty probably are making up for some shortfall………..(furthermore, hate my comments, truth hurts, if the ‘pump’ fits wear it. )

  8. Looks like Yoko Ono with abs drawn on with an airbrush. And wearing lipstick and rouge?  And people think this is hot?

  9. You guys kill me! You are so into race, religion and colour that you forget to look at the man on the screen.

    Who gives a fuck if the guy is black, white, pink, catholic, jew or oriental? If he is hot, he is hot.

    THIS GUY IS FUCKHOT!! Get over your prejudices!!

  10. Good ol’ Manhunt members being their usual racist selves.  Ludi looks damn sexy to me and is just as “photoshopped” as the white guys that are always featured and so many drool over…

  11. I have to agree, bitches on this site are racist as hell. I can’t say it angers me, but it’s definitely disappointing to witness.

  12. RL, please do tell me which gym does he goes to? Please?

    Never the less, he is aesthetically beautiful, without a doubt.

    Cmon he just is.

  13. those sexy lips made for kissing n sucking on cock…i have had the pleasure of several asian men…all hotties…all sexy …all sweet..n i luv to have the pleasure of this incredible beautiful babyboi in my bed…eat him up…

  14. It could be racism, but I will tell you, from the bottom of my gut, I am not into asian men. I like em all except asian. We all have our flavors, I just choose not to go with asian. Thats all.

  15. Daisy Duke, you seem to cut down every model pictured on here, can’t wait to see a picture of your super hot masculine, buffed ass let me know when you post it so i can get a bottle of lotion for some intense jerking off, lol

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