My Five Favorite Scenes: Johnny V

Johnny V is the blonde hardbody of our dreams. His fuckwork in recent scenes with American Muscle Hunks, Hot House and Falcon Studios have gotten us SO BONED. And not I’m not saying this because we’ve had a physical relationship (he hugged me once)! We asked Johnny to choose his favorite scenes from his pornography, and he picked some killers. Take it away, Johnny V!

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Michael Xavier

5. The UrgeHuntin’ For Ass w/ Jimmy Durano

Well, what can I say… I have a HUGE crush on Jimmy Durano. Even though this was our second movie together, I cannot get enough of this man. He is such a hot stud and totally my type. The foreplay is great and the sex is absolutely amazing, to say the least. He is definitely one of my favorites to work with. This scene was hot as fuck too. I enjoyed being dominated by Jimmy all geared up in leather in a smokey atmosphere.

4. The Trainer w/ Sean Zevran & Jacob Taylor

I am in my PRIME in this scene/ movie! What I mean by this is the physical shape I am in. Also, I am in my element in a gym, lifting weights and working out. In my still photos, I was able to let loose and show off my bodybuilding knowledge in terms of posing and what not. I also was, and still am turned on by my two scene partners. These boys are BEEFCAKES and have a whole lot to offer… if you know what I mean. They are also very sweet guys and lovers at that.

3.) Total Exposure 1 w/ Chris Bines & Sebastian Kross

All I have to say is sex out in the middle of a field/ cattle ranch underneath the blue sky is absolutely AMAZING! This is the ultimate fantasy of getting stuffed at both ends by two beautiful men, one of them being one of my favorite guy in the industry, Sebastian Kross.

2.) Amped w/ Fabio Acconi

I am absolutely in love with Fabio Acconi. He is one guy I would marry, if I had the chance. The chemistry with this one started at the gym at our hotel the night before our scene, and the following day it was all downhill from there. The director was right, the lighting was right, and the chemistry was fucking amazing! We even went on a adventure after our scene to the gym for a workout and to the strip for dinner and a few drinks.

1.) Naughty Pines w/ Ryan Rose



This is my first duo scene ever before getting into this industry. I could not have asked for a better scene partner, either. Ryan Rose is a special guy to me. When I arrived at the house that Falcon Studios put us up in, I was able to sit down with Ryan and get to know him inside and out. He honestly put the nerves I had about our scene the next to rest with great conversation and a delicious bottle of wine we shared that evening. I found out that we had a lot in common, including that we are both born and raised in Chicago, IL. In addition to that, the scene the following day went amazing. My favorite director, Tony DiMarco really understood me and was extremely helpful in terms of direction while filming. We have a special bond til this day. The actual scene was hot, as well. We were naked out in nature, taking pictures and then end up dicking around in an outdoor shower… such a HOT scenario to begin with. And Ryan sure does know how to give a good ass pounding and has a beautiful and delicious ass which I got to indulge in. Overall, I was thoroughly satisfied.

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