Feed Me, Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine is a celebrity chef known for his giant biceps and his ability to turn a gross restaurant into a charming bistro. Irvine’s arm days at the gym all end in “y”. He’s a big thick slab of British foodie. See Paula Deen on top of him below? I’m so jealous of that bigoted heffa.

– J. Harvey









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17 thoughts on “Feed Me, Robert Irvine

  1. He isn’t my taste, which is a moot point anyways, because he’s Straight. Lol! He’s married to female pro wrestler Gail Kim, who as far as women go isn’t bad looking herself. But he does have a very impressive body.

  2. so you don’t like Paula Dean because she calls people bad names, and to prove you don’t like her, you call her names? in my book, that makes you, and her, exactly equal. think about it. we are supposed to be the tolerant, all inclusive people.

  3. Nonsense argument. Paula Deen is racist against whole swaths of people. The author here isn’t disparaging all middle-aged southern white women, just one particular asshole who’s getting every ounce of disdain that she has earned. Noticing that a certain asshole is an asshole isn’t discrimination.

  4. So now it’s about Paula Deen, not Robert Irvine? And she’s a racist heffa? I assume you meant “heifer.” Her comments or views were stated over 20 years ago…….. but sanctimonious liberals never ever forget, & never ever forgive………. I swear, liberals or democrats or “progressives” bring up race a hundred times more often than conservatives.

  5. I agree with you there, buddy…and as for Paula Deen, I think the issues around her have been blown waaaaaaaay outta proportion…People need to know that she was the victim of an extortion and smear campaign that led to some “questionable’ comments from her very ‘southern’ roots to be twisted and embellished by a scandal-starved media…oh how we love to demonize people we THINK we KNOW…

  6. Yeah, he’s got that “built gym teacher” thing working for him: not cute in the face, but you DEFINITELY had a fantasy or two while in PE class!

  7. …and YOU are a disappointment as a writer/columnist if THIS is how you “intelligently” respond to reader-reactions to your posts. I may be “dumb”, but I’m at least smart enough to know that you have no class, J. Harvey. –lol–

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