Editor’s Picks: The 100 Sexiest Men of 2013

My indecision will be the death of me. After assembling part one and part two of our “Sexiest Men of 2013” countdowns based on popularity alone, I decided it was far too much to choose a top ten from the 250+ names I jotted down in consideration for my “Editor’s Picks” list… So, naturally, I punished myself by making this a top 100 with blurbs included for each man featured!

It took me a whole day (of my vacation) to finish assembling this. (Not that I’m complaining or anything!) None of you are crazy enough to sit down and read every single caption below the included photos, and even if my brains currently rolling out of my skull in a fit of extreme fatigue, I can at least take comfort in the number of orgasms I experienced while looking at these dudes.

Please do me a favor and at least try to find at least one face worth cumming over in this collection. My job isn’t done until each and every one of you have drained your balls, and if none of these men do the trick, then I don’t know what the hell I’m doing wrong.

UPDATE: D’oh! I nearly forgot to mention that one of my primary goals was to highlight men who, for the most part, didn’t appear on other 2013 Best of Manhunt Daily lists. This explains the absence of folks like Shawn Wolfe, Colby Jansen, etc.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: COLT Studio Group

Check out my absurdly long list of 2013’s sexiest men below:



Jake Bolton

It’s been no secret that I want to work over Jake Bolton‘s prostate and bump a thick, creamy load out of him. Just looking at his face makes my dick stand up at full attention, and once the clothes come off, he somehow manages to become more appealing. Yes, I might be in love and ready to propose. And we’re only at number 100 on this countdown.


99. TATE:


Tate has got so many qualities I find appealing—a thick beard, tattoos in lots of places I’d like to kiss, a great smile, a mouthwatering uncut cock, cute little dimples on his lower back, a lean fuzzy torso and an ass I could eat for hours upon hours. In typing this, I’m starting to regret ranking him so low on this list, but in his heart, I’d like to think he knows he’s my number one man.



Marlon Wayans

After revisiting The Heat over the Christmas holiday, I can confirm the following—a) It’s one of the funniest movies of the year, b) Melissa McCarthy is a modern comedy goddess, and c) I would not mind having Marlon Wayans as my real-life love interest. He’s just so damn precious! If I had a notebook, I would scribble his name on the outside and draw hearts around it.



John Zuanich

Fuzzy male model John Zuanich has a classic, timeless look to him. You can imagine him posing in vintage beefcake shoots, as you browse through pics where he models today’s fashions and looks damn good while doing it. He’s what I would call “dapper as fuck”. I could be more eloquent with that description, but why? “Dapper as fuck” is pretty fitting, don’t you think?



Mike Dozer

Condom politics aside, Mike Dozer is one of the hottest gay porn newcomers to emerge in 2013. He’s managed to make himself a “star” in a short period of time, even if his stardom has been attached to controversy more than his undeniable talent as a performer. I actually had the opportunity to chat with Mike after the Pussygate scandal, and he had a surprising sense of humor about himself and the industry as a whole. Hopefully, we’ll be able to chat even more in the near future!


95. JAMES:


Trust me when I say that James looks even better with his clothes off. After entering our lives in April, this salt and pepper stallion returned to photographer Gabriel Gastelum for a flashier, sexier shoot a few months later. Pubes may or may not have been involved. (Hint! They were.)



Hunter Manning

You may have forgotten about Hunter Manning by now. He was one of those early 2013 finds who floored us with his massive tree trunk thighs and exhibitionist tendencies. Unfortunately, he never got fucked on Randy Blue, and I firmly promise I won’t follow through on my empty promise to hire hackers and crash their servers in the absence of such a scene.



Shayne Cureton

With less than a month as part of the Manhunt Daily family, it’s hard to tell if Shayne Cureton‘s beauty will stand the test of time. Right now, however, I’d sell my left nut to spend one night with my arms wrapped tightly around his smooth, muscular body. That’s what counts, right?



Blake Davis

Thanks to Bentley Race, we were treated to a lot of guys this year who just crossed the edge of “guy next door” territory into “let me lick your balls immediately” territory. Blake Davis fit that bill for me, and while we didn’t all agree on his appeal, I’m still dying to pounce on his crotch.



Brandon Moore

If the (pretty much confirmed) rumors are to be believed, Brandon Moore has already retired from the gay porn industry, less than three months after his first appearance. This is bad news for my dick, but I’m willing to respect any decision that will keep him happy, sane and healthy in the long run.



Liam Magnuson

I’ll go to my grave shouting about how underrated Liam Magnuson‘s “Top To Bottom” scene was. It all just flowed so naturally without making it a big event that he was losing his onscreen ass virginity. For me, this approach is preferable over an angle that implies the world should be thanking you for simply giving up your hole. (It helps that Liam is also very, very pretty.)



Ben Driver

Oh, hi there! You might have noticed that Ben Driver has a pretty large penis. I’m still not sure how it even fits into people like Elliott Blue, but I’m not going to ask very many questions. I’m just going to watch in awe as they stretch open to accommodate every inch of his fat, uncut shaft… And then I’m going to go back and read this interview, because from what I can recall, it was pretty fucking charming.



Ruben Baars

Is it even legal to have cheekbones this severe? Ruber Baars looks like he came from another planet, but in the sort of way where he’s kind of unreal. From the intense facial features to the action figure physique, I’m still not convinced this is a real human being who exists in our world.



Damian Taylor

You can file Damian Taylor in the now overflowing folder of men I’d like to see more of in 2014. He did a stellar job alongside Connor Patricks and CJ Parker in Rock Candy FilmsHis Son’s Boyfriend, and if my eyes see more of this in the near future, then they’re going to be very, very happy eyes.



Jessy Ares

As I stare at this picture, I’m second-guessing myself for ranking Jessy Ares on the lower rungs of this epic sex ladder. Blargh! This might be one of those cases where you simply ignore the number and drool over the stunning male specimen attached to it.



Kevin Lee

I’ve only seen Kevin Lee in one gay porn scene as of today, so forgive me for not bowing down to the results of The Ten and ranking him higher. He seems like a sweetheart based on this interview, and it’s sort of precious that he’s eccentric enough to perform as a talking lamb. Let’s hope that he has a lot more to offer in 2014.



Levi Michaels for Randy Blue

I’m starting to realize that there’s an unfair amount of Randy Blue models on this countdown, but hell, it’s not going to stop me from including Levi Michaels. He proved he’s a huge cock slut by stuffing his own hole with a dildo for his solo debut, then offered up further proof in a hardcore scene with Jordan Levine. I’m still not convinced, though! We need more proof.



Dusty St. Amand

Who cares if Dusty St. Amand bombed on The Ten, even though he had a dick pic to help his case? I want to jizz on his whiskers, I want to lick his armpits, and I want to rest his ankles on my shoulders. Sure, this countdown isn’t all about what I want, but please allow me this one moment of selfishness.


82. DRAKE:


I almost feel like I have to apologize for wanting to have sex with Drake? A lot of people I know consider him a big joke, but I genuinely enjoy both his music and his physical presence. I want him to slap his dick on my butt and write a sad, droust love song about our mind-blowing one night stand. Is that so much to ask for? I mean, really, is it?!?!?!



Donnie Dean

I’m waiting for that one scene that solidifies Donnie Dean‘s status as a true gay porn star. He’s right on the brink of reaching “star” status, and on a pure aesthetic level, he’s got all the right tools to make it happen… But why, oh why, aren’t more people obsessed with him yet? (I’m having a weird sense of déjà vu typing this, so please pardon me if I’m repeating myself.)




The truth is, Vinny Castillo‘s so fucking hot that I’d lick some chick’s pussy juices off his lips, dick or wherever the hell they wound up. We’re probably not going to see him again in 2014, but earlier this year, we got to see him get blown by Ray Diaz and appear in one of the most pointless orgies in the history of gay porn. Oh well! We’ll miss him a whole lot.



Daniel Garofali

I will allow you all to say “YAAASSSS” one more time before 2013 comes to a close, and you’re welcome to take this specific opportunity to do so.  Daniel Garofali knows how to wear a speedo, in the sense that he’s so bad at wearing a speedo that his pubes are almost always hanging out for our eyes to see. Predictably, I am okay with that.



Andrew Justice

I’m not sure if Andrew Justice did much this year beyond Joe Gage‘s two films Doctors and Dads 2 and Armed Forces Physical, and frankly, I don’t give a damn if he just sat around and twirled his thumbs for the past twelve months. The shape of his dick is enough to earn him a place on this list, whether he appeared in one, two or seventeen films.



Big Dipper dancing

If this countdown were a completely honest reflection of my dick‘s interests, deliciously thick rapper Big Dipper would be ranked above half these chiseled, pretty-ass bitches. I’ve got a weakness for big, hairy dudes who command their bearish sex appeal and never hesitate to slut it up on the dance floor. (Hi, Big Dipper! That’s you.)



Brody Wilder

Last year, Brody Wilder was supposed to join Samuel O’Toole when he visited Manhunt headquarters for an awkward interview where I acted like a total buffoon and giggled a lot about nothing. At the time, I wasn’t particularly upset when he didn’t show up—since I knew little about him or his gay porn work—but this picture makes me sad that I didn’t get to sexually harass him and ask him awkward questions about his butthole.



Jordan Levine

I was into Jordan Levine from the beginning, but when he grew a beard, his appeal shot through the roof for me. He managed to make tacky Santa porn tolerable, and chances are that I’ll be busting more nuts to him in 2014 (and as long as Randy Blue decides to keep him around).


74. DAVIS:


Longtime fans of Manhunt Daily know that my obsession for Maverick Men model Davis runs deep, to the point where I’ve shamelessly flirted with him on Twitter and (probably) told me that I want to permanently relocate my dick into his magnificently fuzzy pink hole. Cole and Hunter released another video of Davis in 2013, and big surprise, I spent a decent amount of time jerking off to it.




Has anyone ever captured the perfection of Nubius in a solid photo shoot that doesn’t look tragically cheap? A butt like this deserves better than what Next Door Ebony‘s giving him, and on the rare venture to a certain mainstream studio that shall remain nameless, they managed to ruin everything by pairing him with a certain duck-faced casting couch director who shall remain nameless. (Hint! Hint!)


72. ERIC:


You can find this inked, French beauty on Manhunt under the name “SEXY36”, and if you look in other corners of the internet, you can find super slutty videos he’s produced and starred in. Admittedly, I’m not super familiar with his work, but a picture like this is more than enough to catch my eye.



Rodger Corser

I’m not the type of gay who wastes his time watching a mediocre show for the mere satisfaction of staring at an attractive dude, but fuck me like a dumb-ass bitch, that might have been what happened with NBC’s summer dramedy Camp. I stayed around for the full season thanks to my crush on rival camp director Roger, who was brought to life by Australian actor Rodger Corser.



Stuart Reardon

Rugby player Stuart Reardon is perfectly okay stripping naked for gay magazines, and I do not object to his decisions in life at all. If we hadn’t been lusting after him for years, I imagine the initial “whoa” factor would have bumped him up several spots on this list. Keep in mind, the initial “whoa” factor hasn’t exactly worn off yet. He’s still pretty damn “whoa”.



Kinky Kyle

As I stated in my original post, Kinky Kyle comes equipped with muscular pecs, crystal blue eyes, an eight inch dick and an ass that never says “no”. I’d be surprised if, after that sales pitch, you’re not sitting on Kyle’s dick or stretching his unbelievably realistic lips open as you browse through this post. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever love you as much as Kyle could.



Hunter Page

Seriously? Nobody’s going to call me out that Hunter Page was completely snubbed for the 2013 “Hottest Cock Slut” countdown? Between this scene from Naked Sword‘s Frat House Cream and the time he out-bottomed Johnny Rapid in his own series, he should have at least earned a mention in the introduction. There is no justice in this world, and it’s all my fault.




Okay, maybe there are 101 men on this list! Sue me. I’ve paired real-life partners Joe Parker and CJ Parker together, because they both represent a somewhat tousled ideal of anti-perfection. They’ll shave when they wanna shave, cut their hair when they wannna cut it, and groom their body hair the way they wanna groom it. You’re not the boss of their body (but if you are, you could have a lot of fun with their various man-parts).


66. JESS:

Jess on gay porn site Sean Cody

Ever since Sean Cody started offering video previews, I’ve learned to understand the appeal of several models I was too lazy to check out beforehand. Keep in mind, it took me ages to hop on the Jarek bandwagon, so you can hold back your gasps of surprise that I’m finally coming around to Jess and his long-ass cock.



Adam Champ

When was the last time you thought about Adam Champ‘s foreskin? I’m thinking about it right now, because I can’t type Adam Champ’s name without thinking about swirling it around in my mouth (or bending over for a deep ass drilling like this). Adam’s so good at what he does that fellow gay porn star JR Bronson had to come back for seconds after his first time.



Bobby Clark

I’m having trouble finding the words to describe how much I want Bobby Clark‘s ass. Part of the appeal is the shape alone, then you throw in those tan lines and a build that, overall, is just on the verge of beefy. His hair seems like it’s perpetually parted to the side in this clean-cut frat boy style, and geez, something about that drives me insane. It’s like he walked out of a very special (and very slutty) episode of Leave It To Beaver.



Cory Burns for gay porn site English Lads

I’m still finding it hard to believe that’s gay porn star Dan Broughton groping Australian rugby player Cory Burns in his only man-on-man scene for English Lads. With that knowledge in mind, it’s almost tragic we never got to see this handsome jock working over Dan’s cock-hungry ass… Grr, the thought alone is giving me a semi!



Christopher Camplin

I have no idea what the intentions were behind Christopher Camplin‘s silly photo shoot with Lee Roberts, but if their ultimate goal was to make me want to sit on Christopher Camplin’s face and moan a whole lot, then congratulations to them! They have succeeded in the best way possible.



Garrett Baxter

Photos like this are such a tease! I can practically envision what Garrett Baxter‘s cock looks like based on that bulge, so why doesn’t he just take it out, stroke it ’til it’s hard and blow a creamy load all over his sculpted adominal muscles? Who cares about the “fashion”? I’d be more likely to buy those Diesel briefs if they were soaked in a fresh batch of Garrett’s semen.



Michael Fassbender

In case you forgot, Michael Fassbender‘s flopping penis was a huge deal from late 2011 to early 2012. (There is a very obvious “huge deal” joke that I’m resisting right now.) Over the past year, we got to know more about this man affectionately known as “Fassy”, all with the knowledge of the big, flopping penis that lurks in his trousers.



Conner Habib

I’m a demanding kind of guy, and I would have appreciated seeing Conner Habib in more new scenes throughout 2013. Thankfully, he delivered high quality boners wherever he wound up, whether it was a tension-packed Joe Gage film or a simple scenario with rimjobs against ladders. We’re still waiting on that clip with Bravo Delta, however. (Is it possible they fucked off camera? I’m so confused!)



Nick Lachey

To repent for his sins of awkward banter on The Sing-Off, former boy band hunk Nick Lachey sang a song about my favorite subject in the entire universe—Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. It was basically a love song to my dick, because there are few things I love more than pretzels, bacon, cheeseburgers and food items that bring all three of those things together in perfect harmony.



Jin Xian Kui

Remind me to leave a “thank you” gift basket for my darling co-blogger J. Harvey, in order to show my gratitude for his post about model Jin Xian Kui. Yeah, I could have survived without that shot of him on the toilet, but the rest of the images managed to make me forget that this guy ever poops. Not that there’s anything wrong with pooping. Really, I won’t judge you if I find out you poop.



Jesse Jackman

Oh, don’t ask me how Jesse Jackman is ranked so low on this list! Between his homemade sex tapes and his various scenes for Titan, this salt and pepper dreamboat caused more than a few orgasms in my pants-zone. There’s literally no reason why he’s not ranked higher. If anything, I’m just too lazy to copy and paste this blurb higher up on the countdown.



Andrew Elliot

To fully understand my attraction to Andrew Elliot, you have to rewind to his very rough double-penetration clip costarring Gabriel Clark and Trent Diesel. It blew my mind when I first saw it, so when Andrew returned to porn earlier this year, I had high hopes that we’d be seeing more videos along those lines… Alas, it hasn’t happened (yet).


54. JOHN:


Bespectacled, married daddy John might be the best thing to happen to The Guy Site in 2013. Yeah, yeah! They may have been the first ones to get Bruiser to bottom on camera, but um, have you seen this fucking ass? Give me a call when that‘s getting fucked on camera.



Antonio Garcia

In a perfect world, you’d look up “stud” in the dictionary and see a picture of Antonio Garcia in place of the definition. He made holes twitch worldwide in scenes with Dolan Wolf, Nicolas Key and Jason Stark, making us scream “YES, SIR” at the computer screen the same way some dudes shout during football games.



Christian Cayden

My dick will never forget the way Christian Cayden casually stated, “I like to be told what to do. I’m pretty much a submissive little slut.” From there, he went on to pose like this with a dildo and cum on his own face with a butt plug shoved up his fuzzy man beaver. (Pretend I never used the phrase “man beaver”.) I’m also persistent in stating he was the only thing that made this group scene worthwhile.



Boomer Banks

On top of having a whopping 10-inch dong, Boomer Banks seems like a genuinely sweet guy who’s dedicated to doing the best at everything he does. Of course, you might not give a fuck about his personality or what makes him tick with that massive, uncut meat swinging in your face… But, hey, that’s your loss!



Andrew Ramming

From the people who brought you Ben Cohen‘s line of underwear, we’ve got a man who embodies that bald-headed “UNF” factor that Bruce Willis and Jason Statham pull off so well. Andrew Ramming‘s outdoor underwear shoot embodies so many masculine ideals that it’s practically impossible to fit them into one sentence.



Leonardo Almeida

There are a few men who never made it past their first round on The Ten, thereby causing me to scratch my head in confusion and wonder what the hell you were all thinking. Leonardo Almeida is one of those men. I’d like to think that if he slid down his underwear a little more or flat out whipped out his schlong, you would have given him your votes. Maybe. Possibly. I guess.



Tom Daley

Thanks to his little announcement, most of us spent a portion of 2013 thinking about ripping Tom Daley‘s speedo off with our teeth and devouring his tight little diver butt. Given his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black‘s past with bareback sex tapes, it’s not unlikely that we’ll see this Olympic athlete’s dick (and then have the resulting video buried on the internet thanks to uptight lawyers and PR people).




My crush on Tumblr cub LilJohnBear verges on a certain line of creepiness. I can’t tell if he was more flattered or weirded out when we first posted about him, but a small part of me doesn’t care either way! He’s never gonna sleep with a skinny fucker like me—especially given the whole “having a boyfriend already” thing—so I’ll just quietly jerk off in the corner like a dirty old man while repeating to myself, Dat ass, dat ass, dat fucking ass.”




Versatile gay porn star Kiern Duecan entered our lives thanks to Next Door Ebony, and we can’t thank them enough for putting him in front of our eyeballs. You might remember seeing him in threesomes with Race Cooper, Jordano Santoro and a handful of other horny gentlemen.



Tadzio De

Tadzio was one of our earlier finds in 2013, and I’ll confess that his name wasn’t the first on my mind as I composed this list. As you can clearly see, he’s extremely handsome with some of the best abs this blog has ever seen. It would not be the worst thing to tug on his blond hair while doing him from behind.




“Hot damn!” <— That’s what I like to think I said when I first laid my eyes on Adam Ramzi. The gay porn newcomer has scenes with Tommy Defendi and Joe Parker under his belt, along with a few others we’ll be writing about in the weeks, months and (hopefully) years to come.



Romeo Alfonso

My dick stood up at full attention when writing about Romeo Alfonso‘s scenes with Patrick Dunne, Nicco Sky and Austin Wolf. His uncut shaft and muscular ass are big selling points from a gay porn perspective, but even if I passed him fully clothed on the sidewalk, I would still wind up doing a double-take.



Tom Hardy for gay porn site English Lads

I’ll never understand why someone would choose the same gay porn pseudonym as a deeply adored Hollywood actor, but most of you who clicked the link titled “Tom Hardy Is Doing Gay Porn Now” weren’t disappointed when you saw the accompanying images. English Lads is traditionally stingy with frontal nude pics, but rumor has it Tom’s got a great uncut dick that shoots like a geyser.



Maximillion Kong

My bizarre obsession with Maximillion Kong has endured the test of time. Sure, he can barely maintain a full erection with Johnny Rapid‘s incredible hole wrapped around his dick, but the raspy, commanding tone of his voice continues to make my ass hungry to this day. Will we ever get to see him top again? I sure as fuck hope so!



Guy Feldman

I’m sorry! Am I supposed to be typing something here? I got distracted by the outline of Guy Feldman‘s dick in that peeled-down wrestling singlet. It’s seemingly impossible to find more pictures of this guy on the internet (please feel free to prove me wrong), yet this one picture alone might be enough to fuel many fantasies for years to come.



Rob Delaney

Here’s the thing with Rob Delaney! Even when he’s actively trying to not be sexy—occasionally bordering on the line of obnoxious—this comedian and Twitter personality still manages to come off as someone you want inside of you. His chest hair? Flawless. His hairy round bum? Flawless. His ability to pose in a green speedo and cause a worldwide orgasm for the entirety of the internet? Flawless. He is basically the Beyoncé of people you want inside of you. (He woke up like this! He woke up like this!)




This was not a good year for relations between Russia and the LGBTQ community, but at least they gave us some nice eye candy in the form of speedo-clad model Sergei? Eh, that hardly makes up for all their homophobic bullshit! We suppose you can’t blame Sergei for his country’s problems.



Tony Milan

The verdict is in! Tony Milan has proven he’s an intense lover whether he’s topping, bottoming or having an otherworldly experience on the receiving end of Gabriel Clark‘s dick. The Brazilian gay porn newcomer could make big waves if he sticks around for more scenes, so keep your fingers crossed for more of his naked adventures.



Chris Messina speedo

Without diminishing his extensive resume of professional accomplishments, a crush on Chris Messina has essentially become synonymous with a crush on Dr. Danny Castellano. Messina has established himself as one of the dreamiest characters on TV without even having completed his second season on The Mindy Project. His appeal runs deep with both men and women, as evidenced by an extreme straight girl gushing session I overheard at a recent Christmas party. (Oh, and hello, thighs!) I can’t remember if I interjected to talk about his penis, but knowing my drunken self, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.



Angel Rock

Can we all agree it’s unbelievable that Angel Rock hasn’t appeared on a single 2013 Best of Manhunt Daily list? He narrowly missed the mark on quite a few, and admittedly, this mid-thirties position isn’t much of a consolation prize for the effort he put into scenes with Adam Wirthmore, Liam Magnuson, Lance Luciano, Tate Ryder, Donnie Dean, Logan Vaughn, Brandon Moore, Marcus Ruhl, Aaron Slate, Brandon Jones, Duncan Black, Trenton Ducati and Alexander Garrett. Just typing that list put me out of breath!



David John Craig

I think about sex more than anyone I know, and yet, all I can think about is cuddling with David John Craig. Keep in mind that I’m not trying to desexualize him by any means. Nope! I would fuck his brains out… But afterward, he better be down with spooning and taking a nap before round two.



Dean Monroe

I still don’t fully understand the circumstances beyond Dean Monroe‘s retirement. It seems illogical that studios would refuse to work with him after the (thoroughly stupid) Treasure Island Media controversy, but what the fuck do I really know about the inner workings of the gay porn world? (A lot more than you’d think, but still, not much!) Dean looks just as handsome as he did when he made his debut, and it’s a shame to witness the departure of someone who’s got so much more to give.



Mark Ruffalo

There are a few things you need to understand—1) Mark Ruffalo is always and will always be number one in my book, 2) Thirty-two is my favorite number (and age), so this ranking is the equivalent of being number one, and 3) Thanks to BuzzFeed, Mark’s glorious penis was one of the most popular Manhunt Daily posts of the year. Also, he is my everything, and if any of you try to touch him, I will murder you in your sleep! (I’ll make an exception for his hot wife Sunrise Coigney. Hell, I would eat her pussy out a million times just to get my hands on her man ONCE.)



Patrick Dunne

The gigantic nipples! The beefy build! The beard! The way he looks with his ankles thrown in the air! With just a handful of scenes filmed in 2013, Patrick Dunne has stuck out in my mind as one of the hottest bottoms of the year (just narrowly missing the mark for our “Hottest Cock Slut” roundup). If you can keep your load in while watching Dean Skye suck on his toes and drill his hairy ass, then you are a much stronger man than me.



Angelo Peterson

This former boyfriend of Damien Crosse has been romantically linked to muscle god Colton Ford. Certain blogs have stated that he will do (or already has done) gay porn, but I can’t seem to find any of his work? Considering my complete lack of observational skills, there’s a very good chance I’ve already written about it…



Dolan Wolf

It’s blatant idiocy that I left Dolan Wolf off our “Hottest Cock Slut” in favor of less anally-gifted performers. Aside from great performances with Antonio Garcia, Tiko, Trenton Ducati and Jeff Stronger—not to mention some giant dildos and accommodating young gentleman Brandon Moore—he also provided us with one of the best responses to the untimely death of his former scene partner Wilfried Knight. He’s one of the smartest, most eloquent gay porn models out there, and while he may not crave the spotlight as much as some others, he sure as hell deserves to be there.



Tom Wolfe

Where the fuck was Spencer on our countdown of the “Best Asses of 2013“? His absence from that list kept me up at night, as I tossed and turned (with a raging boner) thinking about his scenes with Abe, Stu, Brandon and Coleman. He at least made an impact here, which technically means he should be eliminated here… But, shit, I don’t care! I’ll break my own rules to make an exception for that ass.



Allen Silver

Until the day he retires, Allen Silver will remain gay porn’s ultimate silver daddy. This year brought us Dad Gets Into Trouble, the finale to an absurdly popular (and oft taboo) intergenerational trilogy directed by Joe Gage. On top of that, Allen played master for a pack of cock-hungry pups, appeared in a threesome with Christopher Daniels and his real-life partner Will Swagger, and likely, had a ton of mind-blowing sex with Swagger on their fourth anniversary (which is coincidentally today).



Idris Elba

Close your eyes and think about Idris Elba naked, pumping his cock deep inside of you. That’s what I did while compiling this list, and let me tell you—I had to nudge up Elba’s position more than a few times. This man oozes “Get Inside Me Now” energy from every pore of his body, and if you’ve ever seen his 2010 sex scene from The Big C, then you’re well aware that he knows how to rotate his hips. Fuck yes, with a capital “FUCK”! I’m half-tempted to throw out my original rankings and put this man in first place.




For me, this remains one of the sexiest images of 2013, but that might have something to do with my weird obsession with tighty whities (and every single thing about the model above, Francis). His ass looks just as good unwrapped, his smiling is charming as fuck, and he comes equipped with a pair of hairy legs I could spend hours between. That’s a win in my book.



Tom Wolfe

On a purely aesthetic level, Tom Wolfe is one of the hottest men in the gay porn industry. My only gripe is that he often lacks passion in his scenes, as witnessed in recent releases with Jay Bentley, Anthony London and Tate Ryder. This isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world! After all, if we’re all going to get fucked by robots in the future, it might as well be delivering its mechanical thrusts with a smile like that, from a body like that.




For all the supposed tattoo hatred on this blog, living masterpiece Alex Minsky sure did spend a long time on The Ten. In his five weeks on the countdown, the former marine (who lost his leg in Afghanistan) very nearly took the top spot when competing against male model Jay Anthony Parks. I’d say that, overall, Alex is one of the more memorable personalities of 2013. GIFs like this will live on forever.



Tim McGraw

It’s easy to sexualize a guy who spends most of his time wearing a cowboy hat, but damn, did anyone beyond Faith Hill know his body looks like this? At 45 years-old, this man has better abs than I’ve ever had (or will ever have) in my entire life. I’m not sure if I’m legitimately jealous—given my well-documented love for cheeseburgers—but I am one-hundred percent certain that I’d spin around in circles on Tim McGraw‘s country boy cock.




Simon Tham‘s success as a model has likely had something to do with his chameleon-like quality. He can pull off the severe “I’m going to fuck you with every limb of my body” look, then just as easily transition into a more demure, almost boyish pose that triggers a whole other section of your body. That’s talent. Or genetics. Or something.



Aleks Buldocek

With the exception of the tattoos, pierced ears and modern-day haircut, Aleks Buldocek reminds me of the ol’ school models featured in our Flashback Friday series. He’s got the big dick, big beard and a healthy coating of fur, along with a build that’s solid yet not intimidating on a Zeb Atlas kind of level. Can someone please throw him in a retro-themed porno? Think about it, Raging Stallion! It could be marvelous.



Richie Langton

It would not be inaccurate to say that Richie Langton used some sort of hypnotic wizardry to earn a higher position on this list. Scrolling through his pictures, I found myself drawn into his sparkling blue eyes, moving on to recognize his lean physique (which manages to look great whether hairy or smooth). Then, I got to the final shot where his uncut cock dangles between a thick, dark bush, as he holds a bright red apple out to the viewer. I took a bite of that apple, and before I knew it, Richie was bumped up from the 80-100 range to the top twenty. Damn your magic, Richie! You have an intense power over me.



Chaos Men Model Solomon

It’s almost criminal that Solomon was snubbed for all three of Manhunt Daily‘s ultimate gay porn honors. A scene like this could have earned him a spot on our “Get Inside Me Now” list, a scene like this could have designated him as one of our “Hottest Cock Sluts“, and a scene like this should have at least earned him a nomination for “Flip-Fucker of The Year“. The man deserves some kind of recognition, and if it’s just eighteenth place on this supremely ridiculous countdown, that’s surely better than nothing.



Jay Bentley

There is nothing I want more in life than an increase in Jay Bentley movies. You’ve got to wonder what the hell Titan‘s doing keeping this man locked up in an exclusive contract without giving him work all of the time. He’s fucking breathtaking! My hope is that he’ll become a bigger star in 2014, but given internal racism within the industry—not looking at you or anything, Marc Dylan—you’ve got to wonder if it’ll ever fucking happen… BUT, UGH, IT NEEDS TO!



Drake Temple

I’m not sure an individual picture does Drake Temple justice. He wasn’t the huge hit I thought he’d be on Manhunt Daily, but photos of his fuzzy torso, inviting ass and long uncut cock have been known to blow up on Tumblr. He’s got an approachable guy-next-door appeal that most Bentley Race models possess, whilst maintaining that “it” quality that makes you wanna melt into a pile of mushy goo.



Almog Gabay

Despite his mysterious introduction as the “Unknown Hot Guy“, the hirsute muscle god known as Almog Gabay went on to dominate The Ten not too long after his Manhunt Daily debut. His body might look Photoshopped at first glance, but if you check out a few of his candid shots, you’ll see that it isn’t all digital trickery. He’s actually this hot.



Chris Rockway

So what if Chris Rockway bottomed for the first time in three years back in April? He wore a FUCKING CAT SWEATER this month! You should be glad that I didn’t automatically put him in first place for that development, especially when considered next to excellent scenes with Justin Owen, Patrick Dunne and Antonio Galvan.



Dirk Caber

At the very least, Jesse Jackman and I could agree that Dirk Caber was one of the hottest fuckers on the planet this year. He scratched my “daddy” itch on a regular basis, making me feel horny to play the submissive boy or take control and plow his ass. If you only knew the things I’d do to feel his salt and pepper beard rubbing against my taint…



pharrell williams is shirtless and sexy

While some guy named Pharrell was busy doing gay porn, the man officially known as Pharrell Williams helped craft huge, inescapable summer hits for Daft Punk and Robin Thicke, along with multiple soundtrack tunes for the box office hit Despicable Me 2. For better or worse, this means he’s back in the spotlight in a way that he hasn’t been since his lukewarm 2006 solo release In My Mind. This also means that we get to look at his beautiful face more often, so uh, I’d argue it’s a good thing.



Ryan Gosling

The Place Beyond the Pines may have come out in 2012, but that deleted scene featuring Gosling’s bulge extended his sex appeal into the past year. Gangster Squad pretty much bombed with most critics, and I barely remember Only God Forgives existing, so perhaps it was a good time for the hunky actor to take a well-deserved break…



Eliad Cohen

To put it bluntly, Eliad Cohen is what Boulangerié Knowles would refer to as a “hot piece of dick”. He’s supplied the world with plenty of masturbational fantasies without ever spreading his butt cheeks open or waving his throbbing shaft in our faces. You are probably thinking about sitting on his face right now. It’s okay! Nobody is judging you. We’re all thinking the same thing.


9. LUCA:



Of all the pretty boy Fratmen models we shared with you this year, Luca stands out in my mind as the one I want to fuck the most.  Mario had a great ass, Nico also had a great ass, Maddox had a rockin’ body, Porter had those awesome tan lines, Aiden looked like a hot alien and Gage‘s fuzzy tummy would look great with my load on it… But Luca had so much more than all of those guys combined. There was a unique quirkiness to his beauty, and it helped that he had a hairy ass I could devour for days.



Fabricio Ternes

If you’re not new to these parts, you might remember that Brazilian model Fabricio Ternes had a successful run on The Ten earlier this year. His placement in the top ten here has very little to do with how much you liked him and everything to do with how much I want him buried balls-deep inside of my ass.



Zac Efron

In 2013, a post-Disney Zac Efron stopped trying to be a serious actor and embraced the fact that he’s nothing more than a piece of meat. He appeared shirtless in a promo for Neighbors, then raised the stakes by going completely naked in the trailer for That Awkward Moment. Keep in mind that it all began with dancing in wet tighty whities last year. Should we expect a transition to gay porn in 2014? Yes. I sure as fuck hope so.



Jarec Wentworth

The artist formerly known as “Jarek” has been rechristened by Randy Blue as “Jarec Wentworth“. His first scene for their site premiered on Friday, and anyone who was worried that the move from Sean Cody would tone down his nastiness can rest assured that Jarec is still the same ol’ Jarek. In the clip—which you can get a peek at here—Jarec pulls out of Nicco Sky‘s ass, rubs his dick in his freshly blown load and then fucks his own cum back into Nicco’s ass. I know, I know! It’s not the same for the hardcore bareback addicts, but he’s still the same “nympho” we’ve all come to love.



Ben Cohen

I would like to say that Ben Cohen earned this spot for his excellent work in building awareness around bullying and issues surrounding the LGBTQ community, but we all know it’s ’cause he’s handsome as fuck and looks damn good in his underwear. Would any of us actually pay attention to him if he weren’t? (The answer to that question is so, so sad.)



David Hollie

We live in a world where someone as utterly stunning as David Hollie can’t make it past his first week on The Ten. As I scrolled through 300+ pages of Manhunt Daily, I stopped dead in my tracks all over again for that face. He could very well be one of the most beautiful men who’s ever appeared on this blog, and it’s a complete shame that he’s not a bigger name by now.



Dato Foland

Mark my words, Dato Foland will become a gay porn superstar in 2014. I realize I’ve been predicting this “giant breakthrough” since June, but I swear to you, it’s going to happen over the next twelve months. He’s been experimenting with versatility since his bottoming debut, and every performance he’s delivered has been one-hundred percent passionate. It also helps that he’s fucking gorgeous.



Lukas Ridgeston

The verdict’s still out on whether Lukas Ridgeston‘s 2013 comeback was worth the wait. Bel Ami had us eating out of their hands in anticipation of the main event, even going so far as to launch his film with two scenes he didn’t actually appear naked in. When the moment eventually came, it could be argued that Kris Evans upstaged Ridgeston in his own damn movie… Still, Lukas looked amazing for someone who’s 50,000 years old!



Seth Fornea

Ginger sex god Seth Fornea‘s gay porn debut managed to be a huge event without actually being an event at all. With the power of his handsome face, hairy chest, tree trunk thighs, solid ass and strategically hidden schlong, he brought us back to the days when COLT pinup models were worth jerking off to on their lonesome, and you didn’t need to see hardcore penetration or oozing cummy holes to reach the point of no return. There’s something very, very special about that! (Though, admittedly, we wouldn’t turn down a sex tape between him and his boyfriend Jared Bradford LeBlanc.)


Best of Manhunt Daily 2013

292 thoughts on “Editor’s Picks: The 100 Sexiest Men of 2013

  1. So what is Angel Rock doing at 35?
    Who made these selections?
    It looked to me like someone had suffled a pack of photos and that was it!!!

  2. You did good with your day off….not to mention getting me off with this list.
    So many men, so little time….sigh! Happiest of New Years to all Manhunt
    Daily readers & may 2014 bring lots more “joy to the world”. Happy Hunting.

  3. Dewitt2it you need to do an 2013 top 25 honorable mention that weren’t listed on here. Trenton Ducati, John Magnum, and Rod Daily should be on here.

  4. NOPE! I actually spent a whole lot of time and energy deciding where each guy would be ranked. Thirty-five isn’t half-bad when you consider that I had 250+ names to start with.

  5. It’s so hard to do lists like these because there’s so many fucking hot men in the world (that qualify for 2013). And, of course, there’s going to be people (including myself) who are going to have disagreements about who should/shouldn’t make the list and where they should be. And, unfortunately, Dewitt will catch some flak for that. But that’s why we have opinions. At any rate, though, doing stuff like this is fun. Cheers to the list, Dewitt. I think you did well. <3 Happy New Years everyone! 😀

  6. Pretty good list. Wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get naked with most of them.
    But what’s up with the pictures on the post? Some are duplicates, some flat out wrong, and some seem to change position when you exit and then come back to the post.

  7. Missing Marcus Ruhl…he is SO hot! But somehow I missed Almog Gabay until now….never again! He is a god. And add David Hollie to that also. Great list!

  8. What about Ray Han/Rayhan Aranda? Not sure what name he goes under, but he was new for 2013 from what I can find. I just found him and fell in lust. Extremely good looking, one of the best asses, huge uncut cock…I want to see him here at Manhunt Daily!!!

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