Facebook Campaigns For Gay Modern Family Kiss


After twenty-two episodes of ABC's hit series Modern Family, the show's gay couple Cam and Mitchell have yet to lock lips. This came to a tipping point after last week's "Airport 2010" episode, in which the two men share a hug directly adjacent to a heterosexual couple kissing.

Viewers aren't too happy with this development, so they're making their voice heard in this generation's most effective fashion. Which is also known as, um, Facebook. The social networking site recently aided in the campaign to get Betty White on SNL, and now television audiences are banding together to get their fix of high quality gay lovin'.

Head over here if you'd like to join the cause. Of course, we also wouldn't mind if you headed here instead. The choice is up to you, my friend.

– Dewitt

To watch this particular episode, follow the JUMP:

8 thoughts on “Facebook Campaigns For Gay Modern Family Kiss

  1. I’ve been thinking of this since the show started! I was always wondering when they would actually kiss. Btw, you have no direct link to the Facebook group page.

  2. The show is showing the world a new side of gay couples, dont push them.
    My family was always cool with my partner and I, but we never showed public displays of affection. Then I held his arm at a wedding and it was too much for them.

  3. Yeah, push it. Cause we all know that the heterosexuals in the world want to see gays kiss just as much as the gay world wants to see heterosexuals kiss! Push it… Yeah… Great idea… WHO CARES!?!?

  4. a) It’s a great show, just has its moments.
    b)PDA’s are something that gay couples aren’t always ok with (and even many straight couples). Pretty much none of my relationships did we ever hold hands/kiss in public because it makes other people very uneasy. I’d rather have a calm night without any awkwardness than be licking all over my man. He knows I love him, and I show him plenty at home. No need to make a scene.

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